Demonic Divination: Unique Tarot Spreads for the Left-Hand Path

Today, we will delve into the complex and captivating world of Tarot spreads, specifically tailored for practitioners of Demonic Magick.

Before we begin, it's essential to mention that the practice of Demonic Magick, like any other spiritual or occult practice, requires respect, intent, and understanding. 

  1. The Crossroads Spread - Connecting with your Guardian Demon

    This spread is structured as a crossroads, a common symbol in occultism representing a meeting point between our world and the otherworldly. It's designed to help practitioners forge connections with their guardian demon.

    To perform this spread, shuffle your deck and draw five cards. Lay them out as a cross with one card in the center:

    • Card 1 (The Top): This card represents the higher message or lesson your guardian demon is trying to impart.
    • Card 2 & 3 (The Arms): These cards symbolize the different paths or choices available to you.
    • Card 4 (The Bottom): This card is the basis of your current situation or challenge.
    • Card 5 (The Center): This card signifies your potential guide and its energy.

    Interpretation involves understanding the symbology of each card and applying it to its respective position in the spread.

  2. The Shadow Circle Spread - Exploring Personal Shadows

    This spread is circular, symbolizing the self, with cards representing various aspects of your personal shadow. It's designed to assist practitioners in exploring their hidden or suppressed traits and emotions.

    Shuffle your deck and draw seven cards, placing them in a circle. Each card signifies:

    • Cards 1-6 (The Circle): Each card represents an aspect of your shadow self you need to confront or acknowledge.
    • Card 7 (The Center): This card is the summary of the overall state of your shadow self.

    Each card needs to be interpreted in the context of its position, bearing in mind the shadow aspect it stands for.

  3. The Pentagram Spread - Guidance for Ritual Work

    The pentagram, a powerful symbol in magick, represents the four elements and spirit. This spread aids practitioners in receiving guidance for ritual work.

    Shuffle and draw five cards, placing them at the points of a pentagram:

    • Card 1 (Top Point): This card represents Spirit, offering advice on the spiritual aspect of the ritual.
    • Cards 2-5 (Remaining Points): These cards symbolize Fire, Water, Air, and Earth respectively, providing insight into the practical, emotional, intellectual, and physical aspects of your ritual.

    Each card's meaning should be examined in connection with its elemental correspondence and what that element signifies in your ritual work.

As a final note, interpreting Tarot spreads can be highly personal and often requires practitioners to tap into their intuition. Respect and proper handling of the cards are vital, as is a sincere approach towards your practice. Always remember: the cards are a tool, and they work in conjunction with your energy and intention. 

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