Demonic Dynamics: The Tactical Magickal Approach

Why is magick sometimes so effortless, yet at times so elusive? It all hinges on your soul's readiness.

When you perform a ritual and see immediate results, it doesn't necessarily mean you knocked it out of the park. It suggests that the desire was already in alignment with your soul's progression, requiring a nudge to manifest. The magick simply hastened its coming. How, then, can you align more closely with the reality you desire? 

There are moments when profound shifts occur seemingly without reason. In these moments, though it might seem sudden, your soul was prepared, and your intention was in alignment with your higher self. When you're aligned and open to the influence of magick, results manifest rapidly.

 But there may be instances where, despite dedicated ritual work, the desired outcome remains distant. In such cases, it's not the magick or the demons you've petitioned at fault; the reality you seek might be misaligned with your current path.


Rupturing Reality

Imagine trying to bring down a fortress not by hammering away at its walls but by subtly undermining its foundation. This is the essence of demonic magick – aiming at the foundation of one's reality and allowing chaos to ensue, replacing the old with the new. 

The key is choosing the correct magick for your desires. Bombarding with multiple rituals can muddy up your results and dilute the intent. The challenge lies in discerning which demon best suits your current scenario.

Consider having a palette of magickal intentions, some easily attainable, others ambitious, and some that are audacious. Combined with tactical demonic magick, this strategy is as close to fail-proof as possible. 

 Here, you address three tiers of reality – the overarching vision, the internal desires, and the tangible steps to achieve your ambition. This multi-pronged approach can make your magick indomitable.

Reserve this method for grand aspirations. Often, merely trusting your instincts and picking the proper ritual will suffice. But for grandiose dreams, this intricate approach is invaluable.

 Take, for instance, the ambition to dominate a realm or sphere of influence. Have you laid the groundwork? Are you prepared for the challenges? Establishing grand goals is commendable, but it's a mere fantasy without a foundation.

 Change can manifest swiftly or gradually, depending on your preparedness. The crux lies in preparing oneself and being tactical with your magick.


Step One: Begin with the overarching vision. Aim not for the ludicrous but a significant, long-term goal that resonates with your soul. 


Step Two: Refine your internal alignment. The human psyche is often plagued by self-doubt, guilt, or fears of change. Addressing these internal barriers can enhance the efficacy of your magick. This self-work might seem tedious, but it's paramount for progress.


Step Three: Focus on tangible steps. You can leverage magick to navigate obstacles, influence key figures, or neutralize adversaries. With the foundation set in Steps One and Two, your choices in this phase will be more strategic, making your magick more potent.


Crafting Your Magick Plan of Action

 The beauty of this approach is its flexibility. There are no rigid rules or mandatory rituals. Your intuition and connection with the infernal realms guide your choices. 

It's essential to keep your practice streamlined. If you find yourself burnt out from performing too much magick, recalibrate. Magick is not about quantity but the precision of intent. Adopting this philosophy can significantly expedite your journey toward your goals, even if mastering the art takes time. 




I really enjoyed this article. I’ve come back to it three times now and reread it. I had been feeling just this way about my own rituals; if I’m not totally invested in it mind, body, and soul the magic always feels off. This confirms my theory. Thank you for this.

Reyes Hunter August 11, 2023

I really liked this article; I will alter my process to better meet my goals; you said several things here that gave me thought; different demons resonate better than others with individuals for a given intention,and the desire may not be aligned with the present path no matter the dedication to ritual!

Michael Kilgore August 09, 2023

Love this!

Nock Ronald August 09, 2023

What amazing article to help us improve our magick to reach our goals! This will help us so much! Thank you brother! Love you brother.

Tommy Le August 09, 2023

Thank you!

Erik Waiters August 09, 2023

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