The Ethics of Cursing in Demonic Magick

One of the most controversial and ethically challenging practices in magick is casting curses or hexes. This article explores the moral and ethical considerations involved in cursing within the framework of Luciferian beliefs, a path often characterized by emphasizing personal freedom and empowerment.


Understanding Curses in Demonic Magick:


Unlike common misconceptions, cursing is not always driven by mere spite or malice but is sometimes considered necessary for justice or protection.


Luciferian Ethics and Personal Responsibility:


Luciferianism places significant emphasis on personal responsibility. This philosophy often leads to carefully considering the consequences of one's actions, including casting curses. It proposes that cursing can be an act of personal justice or a form of self-defense against oppression or wrongdoing when used judiciously.


Cursing as a Tool for Justice and Balance:


In some contexts, cursing is viewed not as an act of vengeance but as a means to restore balance or serve justice. From this perspective, a curse could be considered ethically justified when used as a last resort to address a severe wrong or harm that cannot be rectified through other means. This viewpoint is often accompanied by a strict set of internal guidelines or conditions under which a curse may be deemed appropriate.


Moral Implications and Self-Reflection:


Cursing in demonic magick also brings about intense self-reflection and moral questioning. Practitioners are often encouraged to thoroughly examine their motives, ensuring they are not acting from a place of petty vengeance or uncontrolled anger. This introspection is crucial in maintaining ethical integrity within the practice.




Navigating the ethics of cursing in demonic magick presents a layered and intricate challenge. It demands a delicate balance of personal empowerment, responsibility, and awareness of action consequences. When practitioners thoughtfully weigh these ethical considerations and conform them with Luciferianism's core values, they can adeptly steer through this complex facet of their practice, embodying both wisdom and integrity.

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