Insights into Demonic Magick Progressions

In the practice of demonic magick, understanding what works and refining methodologies is essential. It's advisable not to simply watch and wait for results, but how can one know if the magick has been effective?

Often, results can be quite evident. There are many accounts of practitioners who have petitioned demons to achieve a particular outcome, and the result has manifested in unexpected and undeniable ways.

Similarly, there are numerous instances where the success was immediate and undeniable. However, it's crucial to recognize that results can sometimes manifest slowly and subtly. When results are gradual, it can be easy to overlook the influence of the magick.

A question that frequently arises is whether a successful outcome was mere coincidence or the result of magick. In many cases, magick tends to manifest through a series of events or coincidences that lead to the desired outcome. Sometimes, it's just one significant event that yields the result. While daily challenges can happen to anyone, it's essential to discern between mere happenstance and potential negative consequences from the magick.

There have been accounts where practitioners have reported significant results shortly after beginning their magickal work, such as unexpected wealth or success. While these stories can be inspiring, it's equally important to note that for many, the effects of magick are progressive, with changes happening over time.

Because the manifestation of magick can sometimes be subtle, I advise keeping a magickal journal. This journal should document the magick performed, the desired outcome, and any experiences or sensations felt during the ritual. This journal can be invaluable but should be reviewed periodically, not obsessively. Sometimes, after a significant period, practitioners can look back and see the profound impact of their work.

Often, a practitioner might forget about the magick they performed, only to later recognize its effects. For instance, a practitioner might perform several rituals throughout a year, only to feel later that their efforts were in vain. However, upon reviewing their journal, they realize that each ritual manifested the desired result.

To better understand and refine their practice, some practitioners also maintain a separate log where they note down any observations, coincidences, or dreams that seem significant. This log provides insights and guidance on where their magickal journey should head next.

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Thank you for this amazing article! The journal has help me see the magick when it is slow progress! Thank you for teaching us this brother. It is the slow magick that we don’t always see. Thank you for teaching us ways to see our magick progress! Thank you so much brother. Love you brother.

Tommy Le August 11, 2023

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