Invocation versus Evocation

Two terms are the frequent culprits of confusion for people new to Magick: invocation and evocation. Both terms appear in many books on occult philosophy and magick practice. The practitioner of Demonic Magick and ritual magick, in general, should be aware of the differences between these methods, as each involves different approaches, producing different results.

Let's begin with invocation, which has some similarities to possession. However, the significant difference is that instead of having a spirit invade your physical body, you are essentially inviting this to take place in an invocation. In Demonic Magick, this practice is done strictly with Demons. During an invocation, one's typical personality is altered, and the spirit's qualities are invoked. In some traditions, this is also known as 'aspecting.'

The practice of evocation tends to vary widely amongst different magickal traditions, so I will strictly be referring to Demonic Magick specifically from here on out. Evocation involves asking a Demon to become present at a given location. This is a way to open up communication with the Demon, present offerings, and make a request of some sort. "To invoke" is to invite a Demon into your consciousness, just as "to evoke" is to call upon a Demon. That is the essential difference between these two forms of Magick.

Written by Rin Otori

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