Exorcisms and Evocations: The Versatile Abilities of Malphas

Malphas is a Demon that is known for her ability to identify individuals with the potential for a profitable professional relationship. She can be summoned to help you find the right people to work with and build a successful career. This Demon can also assist in the planning and building of a home or structure, making him a useful ally for architects and builders.

If you are determined and ambitious, Malphas can be called upon to help others admire your strength and drive. She can give you the energy and focus you need to succeed in your endeavors, and help you overcome any obstacles that may be standing in your way.

Malphas can also be called upon to make a competitor lose will or motivation. This can be useful in situations where you are facing tough competition and need an edge to come out on top. With Malphas on your side, your opponents will be less likely to succeed, giving you a greater chance of achieving your goals.

In addition to his abilities in the realm of business and competition, Malphas can also provide protection against psychic and physical assaults. This Demon is skilled at warding off negative energy and protecting those who evoke her from harm.

For those involved in exorcisms or other forms of spiritual warfare, Malphas can be a powerful ally. This Demon has the ability to assist in the expulsion of malevolent spirits and entities, making her a valuable resource for those seeking to rid themselves of negative energies.

She can also assist the practitioner with evocations or invocations. With his assistance, you can increase the potency of your rituals in a profound way.

Finally, Malphas is capable of canceling out any other form of magickal curse. If you find yourself under attack by other practitioners, she can be summoned to protect you and nullify any curses that may have been cast against you.

In conclusion, Malphas is a powerful Demon with a wide range of abilities. She can help you identify profitable professional relationships, build a home or structure, ward off negative energies, and assist in exorcisms and invocations. If you find yourself in need of protection or assistance in your spiritual or professional endeavors, Malphas is an excellent Demon to consider.


Fantastic insight. I so love what structure you have endeavored to provide my mind and second sight. I’ve found psychic release at last though I can scarcely afford to thank you appropriately. ☬

Glitch Bishop March 16, 2023

Malphas is so amazing! Malphas can do so much! So vast in attribute to help us in our goals. Thank you for teaching us about Malphas! Love you brother.

Tommy Le March 16, 2023

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