The Law of Polarity and Magick Pathways

The Law of Polarity embodies the truth that everything in existence contains a pair of opposites. Spirit and matter are dual expressions of the one deific principle. They are extreme opposites of the vibrational spectrum. All the intermediary planes between are merely different degrees of vibration.

The universe is boundless; therefore, as human beings, we can never fully comprehend the infinite. However, by understanding this principle and using logic, we know the universe can be divided into two categories; the 'manifest' and 'non-manifest. Even creation has a dualistic nature, alternating between cycles of involution and evolution.

Hot and cold. These are two examples of complete opposites. And yet, the only difference between something hot and something cold is its temperature measured in degrees. A thermostat will display a range of different temperatures, all of which are merely different degrees of hot and cold. Whether you decide to call the temperatures different degrees of either heat or different degrees of cold, you are equally correct because it's impossible to pinpoint where cold ends and heat begins, or vice-versa. The fluctuation in temperature is merely a matter of different levels of energy. Whether the temperature is considered "hot" or "cold" is all relative.

Under any circumstance, everything has a polar opposite. To apply Demonic Magick properly, you must understand the possibilities and restrictions that exist due to the nature of Polarity.

Always remember that when seeking to transmute something, you are limited by its matter or energy spectrum. Everything in existence is made up of different classes of matter and energy. Something belonging to one class cannot be directly transmuted into something of another class. However, something of the same class or type can always be transmuted.

Fear can be transmuted into courage, weakness can be transmuted to strength, and repulsion can be transmuted into attraction. These are all opposites that fall under the same class as one another.

In nearly every case, when someone fails to get results with Demonic Magick, it's because they didn't have a proper channel for the Magick to do its work. Even though the class of poverty and the class of wealth are polar opposites, there needs to be a pathway to transmute poverty to wealth. A business or job would be an appropriate channel for Demonic Magick to create wealth because the Polarity of Poverty and Wealth fall within the spectrums of income and assets.

Therefore, there must be at least a channel providing income for the transmutation from poverty to wealth to occur. Magick can transmute a failing restaurant into a thriving business. But it cannot transmute merely the desire for wealth into manifested wealth. Action of some sort must be taken to open up a pathway if one does not already exist. If someone already has a job, the transmutation happens through the spectrum of salary. The magick would work through increasing pay based on the employee's current position, or a promotion that leads to a higher salary.

With that said, if the individual in poverty works for a low-paying company or industry, results will naturally be limited, and a new pathway through a career change or other channel to achieve their wealth goals will be required.

Always remember results through Demonic Magick, and all Magick, in general, will manifest through the appropriate channels or pathways. It is your responsibility to make sure you already have or are willing to create these channels and pathways for the Magick to reach you.

- Rin Otori

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