Using Raum to Overcome Someone's Resistance to Seduction

Today I will cover a Demon that is very important to be familiar with, especially if you need to perform seduction magick on someone that has proven to be extra challenging to attract. There may be reasons for this, such as the fact that they only view you on a platonic level or if they are currently involved with someone else. One of the most common Love Magick scenarios involves someone trying to seduce a friend or steal another individual's partner. Let's imagine that you have a friend with whom you have an attraction, but they do not share this attraction and only wish to remain friends. Adding to the difficulty, they are currently in a committed relationship with someone else.

Naturally, in a situation such as this, most people would advise you to look for someone else. This, however, is a problem that can easily be addressed by petitioning the assistance of the appropriate Demon. This particular situation calls for the aid of target Raum, the 63rd Demon of the Royal Legion. Raum comes from the line of Asmodeus and is a direct descendant of Beleth. In addition to making your target romantically interested in you, Raum can even disrupt their relationship if they already have a significant other.

For those unfamiliar with The Order's method of Evocation, you must be prepared to provide an offering to Raum. A blood offering is customary, and it is highly recommended that you have his pendant and use it during the Evocation. In addition to this, Raum is very fond of tea and wine, so these are also great offerings that are easy to provide.

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Praise Raum!! I will be going in Evocation with him today!! I will surely be back to share my experience! Evocations are amazing as using the potions!! I am thankful to 7WH for giving us the tools to build communication with Legion so that we might thrive in all aspects of life. 1/18/2023

Norhas January 23, 2023

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