Resistance - The Magician's Tool

To succeed in any endeavor, you must have a specific objective. Once this is established, it is time to identify the most direct path to achieving the desired outcome and take action. It is essential to understand that a real magician is someone who has developed the skill of mastering their will. Additionally, a large part of magical training involves sharpening one's will. When properly sharpened, the will can cut through any resistance to achieve any goal.
The journey of life is filled with struggles. In essence, it is a battle between you and resistance. To make this point clear, let me define resistance.
Resistance is a force that repels. Negative in nature. In order to prevent us from achieving our goals, it attempts to push us back. You cannot see, hear, or smell it, but you can feel it.
The magician uses resistance as his tool to sharpen the will, much like a compass. As a result, we can navigate using resistance. When we are conscious of it and observe it, we can use it to guide us to our most significant growth. Always remember, that the more important something is to our soul's ascension, the more resistance we will feel in pursuing it.
Written by Rin Otori


This article popped out to me right away I feel as I age the resistance gets stronger.

Ascending Aquarius January 23, 2023

Thank you for a most helpful and insightful article.

Heidi Stanton August 06, 2022

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