Ritual Bathing in Demonic Magick: A Pathway to Profound Empowerment

Ritual bathing, while not uncommon in various forms of spiritual practice, is perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of demonic magick. Yet, ritual bathing holds an integral and enriching role in the practice of demonic magick within the Luciferian tradition. The practice can create a hallowed environment, augmenting our connections with our chosen demons, and infusing our bodies with their divine energies.

The Purpose of Ritual Bathing in Demonic Magick

Ritual bathing serves three key purposes: purification, energy infusion, and the expulsion of unwanted energies.

Purification is about creating a clear and focused state of being. It prepares us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to effectively communicate with and channel the energies of the demons we work with.

Energy infusion is about aligning our energetic signatures with the demons we are invoking or evoking. By infusing the bathwater with certain energies, herbs, and oils that are resonant with a specific demon, we form a closer bond.

The third purpose, the expulsion of unwanted energies, addresses the accumulated energies that can become burdensome or obstructive to our practices. During a ritual bath, we have the opportunity to cleanse ourselves of these hindrances and transform them into something beneficial. 

Creating the Sacred Bathing Experience

To conduct a ritual bath, first, consider which demon you wish to align with or honor. Each demon has specific correspondences such as colors, incenses, herbs, or oils, which, when utilized, help in achieving a powerful resonance.

After choosing the demon, select herbs, oils, and possibly even crystals that resonate with the chosen demon. For an exact listing of which herbs, oils, scents etc. each demon prefers, refer to Introduction to Demonic Magick.  

You can also use one of 7th Witch House's magickally infused soap bars and other bath products for any specific results you would like to achieve. 

While running the bath, visualize the water being infused with the energy of the demon. You may choose to listen to Resonance to strengthen this energetic infusion. To expel unwanted energies, incorporate salts (like Epsom or Himalayan salt) into your bath, renowned for their energy clearing properties. As you dissolve the salt, visualize it magnetizing and neutralizing the unwanted energies within your auric field.

After entering the bath, relax and continue meditating on the demon's energy. Visualize this energy seeping into your body, filling you with the attributes you seek to align with. As you soak, imagine the burdensome energies being drawn out of your spiritual body and dissolved in the bathwater.


The Post-Ritual Cleanse

Once you have completed your bath, drain the water while visualizing any discordant energies being washed away, leaving only the clear, focused intent and alignment with your chosen demon.

A ritual bathing session can conclude with an anointing of your body using an oil associated with the demon, enhancing the resonance even further. For example, using sandalwood oil after a ritual bath dedicated to Lucifer can help maintain the connection even after you leave the bath.

The profound transformation and enhancement of your magickal intentions that a ritual bath can bring are extraordinary. By bathing in the energies and correspondences of our chosen demons, we not only cleanse and align ourselves but also demonstrate our respect and honor.


Thank you brother for this amazing article! I am loving this Demonic Bathe Ritual! To build a stronger connection with our chosen Demon. And also to remove unwanted energy! This article is very helpful. Thank you so much for this important article! Love you brother.

Tommy Le July 02, 2023

Thank you for another amazing post! I will definitely be incorporating this in my baths!!!

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