Rubedo (Reddening) – Completion: Embracing Wholeness in the Luciferian Magnum Opus

Following the radiant transformation of Citrinitas, seekers on the spiritual alchemical journey now step into the ultimate phase: Rubedo or Reddening. This culmination, seen through the Luciferian lens, isn’t just a conclusion but rather the triumphant realization of one’s spiritual potential.

The Scarlet Dawn: A New Beginning

From the pure dawn of Albedo to the empowered noon of Citrinitas, the seeker now finds themselves at the cusp of twilight. But this twilight isn’t an ending; it’s the advent of a scarlet dawn, signifying a new beginning, a renaissance of the self.

Union of Polarities: Embracing Dual Nature

Rubedo is a phase where the soul’s polarities, previously explored and mastered, now merge into a cohesive whole. The dual nature, inherent in all, finds its ultimate union here. The light and shadow, previously balanced and channeled, now become inseparable, signifying the Luciferian teaching that both are essential to one's wholeness.

Lucifer's Ultimate Teaching: The Brilliance of Self-Completion

In Luciferian beliefs, Lucifer represents the Morning Star, the light-bringer. In Rubedo, seekers experience a similar illumination, not externally but internally. Drawing inspiration from Lucifer's enlightenment, they realize that their journey wasn't about rejecting any part of themselves, but rather embracing every facet to reach complete self-actualization.

The Red Elixir: The Quintessence of Being

Alchemical traditions often symbolize Rubedo as the creation of the Philosopher's Stone or the Red Elixir. In a spiritual context, this represents achieving the essence of one's being. It's a state of absolute empowerment, wisdom, and completion, akin to the Luciferian ideal of mastering one’s destiny.

Beyond Reddening: The Infinite Horizon

While Rubedo marks a pinnacle in the spiritual alchemical journey, it's not an end. It symbolizes an ongoing cycle. Just as Lucifer’s story continues, so does the seeker’s. With the wisdom and mastery gained, they are now poised to embark on new journeys, explorations, and evolutions, with an ever-expanding horizon.

 Rubedo and the Triumph of Self

Rubedo in the Luciferian Magnum Opus signifies the most profound transition from duality to unity, from exploration to realization. The seeker, having traversed the obsidian night of Nigredo, the illuminating dawn of Albedo, and the golden zenith of Citrinitas, now bathes in the scarlet hue of completion, embodying the brilliance of self-realization and eternal evolution.

In the words of Luciferian doctrine, it’s about realizing that the light we seek outside is the brilliance we hold within. Through Rubedo, we are reminded that every end is but a new beginning, and mastery is not a destination but an ongoing journey.


Very nice!

Nock Ronald August 23, 2023

Thank you for teaching us about Rubedo! The merging of duality to one, whole. And growth never stop. I love this very much! Thank you! Love you brother.

Tommy Le August 23, 2023

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