A Guide to Using Selenite in Demonic Magick

Despite its potent attributes, the benefits of using selenite in demonic magick is often underestimated. Radiating transformative power, this ethereal stone can significantly enhance the capabilities of advanced magick practitioners.

Selenite: The Stone of Divine Light

Selenite, named after the Greek moon goddess Selene, is hailed for its transcendent light and remarkable ability to purify and cleanse negative energies. This feature renders it an indispensable conduit for channeling and harnessing energies, especially for Luciferian practitioners.

Attributes of Selenite

As an ideal crystal for practitioners of magick, selenite facilitates a connection to higher consciousness, bridging the gap between the physical and ethereal realms. Here's a glimpse at some of its noteworthy attributes:

1. **Illumination and Enlightenment**: Selenite embodies qualities reminiscent of Lucifer, the Light Bearer, illuminating the path to wisdom and enlightenment. As a stone fostering mental clarity, it aids in revealing hidden truths, thus strengthening intuition and spiritual insight.

2. **Cleansing and Protection**: Selenite's powerful cleansing properties can clear the aura, safeguard against negative influences, and purify ritual spaces. This creates an energetically secure environment for summoning and communicating with demons.

3. **Connection to Astral Realms**: Selenite aids in spiritual exploration, encompassing astral projection and past-life regression.


Incorporating Selenite in Luciferian and Demonic Magick

Incorporating selenite into demonic magick can prove beneficial for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Here's how you can utilize it:

1. **Ritual Preparation**: Purify your ritual space before and after spellwork using a selenite wand or stone. The energy of selenite cleanses the area, removes unwanted energies, and enhances protection.

2. **Communication**: During evocations, selenite can be a powerful conduit between the practitioner and the demon, providing clearer and more potent communication due to its inherent vibration.

3. **Creating Selenite Grids**: Advanced practitioners often set up selenite grids, creating a geometric pattern with multiple selenite pieces. These grids can protect a sacred space, create a powerful force field during rituals, and amplify spell or evocation energy. Particularly in demonic magick, these grids can intensify the connection with the demons being evoked, boosting the practitioner's energy and enhancing the potency of the connection.

4. **Cleansing and Charging Magickal Tools**: Magickal tools, integral to many practices, including demonic magick, can accumulate residual energy, affecting their effectiveness. By placing these tools near a selenite stone, its high vibrational energy recharges them, enhancing their potential in future workings.

5. **Cleansing and Charging the Practitioner's Energy**: Practitioners' energy fields can accumulate negative or stagnant energies over time. Regular cleansing using selenite can maintain a healthy energy flow and ensure the practitioner's well-being. Furthermore, holding or meditating with selenite can charge the practitioner's energies, empowering them in their magickal workings.

Embracing selenite in your practice can unveil a new dimension of power and clarity. Its high vibrational energies and its profound cleansing and charging properties can profoundly enhance rituals. Harnessing the essence of selenite demands not just an understanding of its properties, but also a firm conviction and intention from the practitioner. Thus, when utilized with care and respect, selenite can be a formidable tool in navigating the rich depths of demonic magick. 


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