The Ever-Shifting Dream of Reality

When you fall asleep you dream. And when you wake up, you consider everything that previously took place in your mind to be ‘unreal’, mere illustrations of your imagination.

Conversely, everything experienced in this waking state is seen as ‘actually happening’. In other words, everything experienced in dream-state is written off, and we anchor ourselves to reality as we know it while awake. But let me ask you this…

What makes what we experienced in our dreams less real?

Perhaps none other than the fact that our dreams don’t tend to pick up where the previous one left off. They are entirely independent of one another. Whereas, what we experience in our “wakened” state carries over from one day to the next. Our actions from yesterday will still have consequences today, as well as the things we did or said to one another. But in truth, the lines between what we experience in our sleep versus awake are far more blurred than most would imagine.

One isn’t really more ‘real’ then the other in the truest sense. Both really happened. After all, what is life other than a collection of experiences attributed to an individual? That dream you had the other night, you did experience that. On a mental level, yes, but it still happened nonetheless. It’s not like you have to prove it transpired to anyone else. As far as it concerns yourself, that dream is every bit a part of your reality as this moment you’re experiencing right now reading these words.

Sure, the dream doesn’t exist anymore. It ended forever the moment you woke up. But yesterday is gone forever as well. It only exists in memory—just like your dream. As you can see, the only reality you have exists in the mind.

What you experience everyday is very much like a dream too, only it is one giant shared dream with others. In this life, you are part of the dream as well as the dreamer. But unlike your personal dreams, everyone is a part of this dream too. We’re all experiencing this ‘reality’ together.

As a result, everyone is held accountable for their actions by others, which keeps things in order for the most part. This is so that we all remain part of a set agenda that has been in the process of unfolding since the beginning of time. When we wake up from sleep we consider ourselves to no longer be dreaming.

But that is not the case.

We are merely shifting from a dream created by our individual mind to an interconnected dream of the cosmic mind. In other words, one giant dream which you are a part of because you are the conscious observer of the dream and also part of the dream itself.

You may want to reread this entire passage of text over a few times. Perhaps even stop and reflect on it for awhile. This is a difficult concept to fully grasp, but nevertheless, it is arguably the most profound and essential building block from which you will establish a new foundation of understanding. The truth is we navigate life in an eternal dream-like state. Our experiences moment-to-moment are none other than a reflection of a spontaneous imagination.

You can turn to physics or chemistry for in-depth explanations on atoms, molecules, and the nature of matter. And while this may help calm our need for rationalization and logic to some extent, the evidence of science will always limit man to understanding subjective reality. This is because science studies the nature of things based on physical laws.

But physical law is only the lowest reflection of existence. We are multi-dimensional beings, and at the highest level operate based on mental laws. In other words, physical law and matter becomes irrelevant and non existent on higher planes. In an individualized dream, you can dream of atoms, molecules, and various forms of base matter. You can see, hear, and touch your surroundings. But that is not proof of its existence. The evidence only lasts for as long as the dream lasts. The only thing that can truly be considered genuinely real is that which can last indefinitely. And as we all know, nothing in this physical world can last forever.

Everything we consider real on a physical level, will eventually crumble, decay, die, and turn into something else. In a way, we are merely living in a world of holograms. Science is merely an attempt to identify, label, and manipulate the various energies otherwise known as spirit, which encompass the root of all existence and provide a medium for the human body to experience and interact with spirit in various forms and visions.

Row, row, row your boat

Gently down the stream

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily

Life is but a dream

That nursery rhyme right there is one of the strangest and impactful lessons I learned from none other than Lucifer himself.

This took place during a time when I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed. There is a hidden meaning to this song I hadn’t realized until it was pointed out to me. It actually sums up our situation in life quite well. Let me explain. The boat in the song signifies each of our own individual lives. And as you might guess, you are the one rowing the boat, an oarsman rowing down the stream of time. So here you are on a boat rowing along. It doesn’t really matter why you are on the boat, or what got you there. The fact is, you are on the boat whether you like it or not. And the only way to get off of it is to get down that stream. In the beginning, you might have been very eager to get where you are supposed to go, so you row as hard and fast as you can.

But soon, you quickly realize this stream goes on for a lot longer than you may have expected. You end up burning out and have to stop rowing and rest. It’s clearly more of a marathon than a sprint, so you learn to pace yourself. Instead of fast and furious rowing, you learn to row gently but steadily. As you continue to row, row, on and on, you eventually realize it’s not all about getting to the end of the stream. After all, you may not know why you’re on this boat, but you must be there for a reason. If it was about the end in itself, you would have already been there already.

Therefore, it must be about the journey. In other words, the experiences along the way. With this in mind, you realize that while you were focused on rowing as fast as you could, you missed too much, and remember too little of what you passed along the way. And if you were to continue to blast through the stream in sprints, you’d fail to take in the experience and miss the entire journey. So remember, life is but a dream. Don’t fail to take in the experiences as you journey through this life because you are racing to the end. In the end, all we really have to hold on to from this life are memories. Experiences. If you fail to capture them, did you actually even live?

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