The Seeds of Manifestation and Magick

This article is meant to follow up on my previous article, where I stated that a clear mental image is required to materialize an actual condition or event with Magick. Now, I would like you to commit the following statement to memory.

"A strong desire coupled with a clear mental image are the seeds of manifestation. Like seeds, they have a life-power of their own. Once you have these two components and have written down your objective, you have laid the first stone that you will use to build."

You now know what you want. Which honestly puts you significantly ahead of most people who take a rather aimless approach to their Magick. You've chosen your goal, and now your subconscious will work in unison with your conscious mind to take you in the direction of its fulfillment.

There is no reason to harbor any doubts or insecurities about whether or not you will succeed. What you learn here is not guesswork. It is neither theoretical nor experimental Magick. The Demonic Magick taught here has been tried and proven by thousands who have witnessed its undisputable and uplifting power. Everything you need has already been laid before you and mapped out. Through this group, you are now associated with men and women who are living an enchanted life.

The energy put into this group, and the practice of common methods create a resonance of power shared amongst all here. Every time one person succeeds, it elevates the entire group. It is truly a privilege to be engaged with everyone here in a concerted effort toward bettering the human race through Luciferianism.

No matter how far off your ultimate goal with Demonic Magick may seem, you are already far ahead of the majority by clearly defining your "want ." In contrast, most people never get anywhere because they have no dominant purpose, planned procedure, or any specific destination in mind. Now you are ready for the next step, which is to do your Magick. There is already plenty of material and tools available here to help you do that, so I'll refrain from being redundant on this part of the process.

Once the Magick is in place, however, the real work begins. Mere aspiration will not get you what you want. There must be activity. It is action that proves life and establishes will. Every statement of intention which is not asserted by appropriate action is a vain intention based on idle speech. We must act in order to be. To do or accomplish anything, we must believe in our ability to do so and reinforce this belief with action.

A Magician begins every magickal act with certainty in its fulfillment, proceeding calmly, knowing that divine power has already been set in motion for its fruition. It all starts by formulating a desire, creating a clear mental image of its fulfillment, and then putting in place what is required for its manifestation. Proceed with confidence knowing the process has already begun.

Article by Rin Otori

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