The Triad of Self in Demonic Magick: The Beast, The Shadow, and The Divine Self

As Luciferians well-versed in the intricacies of Demonic Magick, you already understand the significant emphasis our practices place on the Self and the various aspects it embodies. However, exploring the deeper architecture of the Self can provide new layers of understanding and potency to your work. In this article, we will delve into the threefold concept of Self in Demonic Magick: The Beast, The Shadow, and The Divine Self.

The Beast

In Demonic Magick, The Beast represents our primal instincts, our raw, unfiltered desires, and the untamed wilderness within us. It is the seat of our urges and physicality, connected to our survival instincts, passion, and the elemental life force. The Beast represents our unapologetic existence, our primal scream in the face of the universe. It is neither good nor bad; it simply exists to fulfill its natural urges.

When we properly channel the energy of the beast within, we invite raw power, transformative energy, and the kind of primal instinct that can shake the very foundations of our world. It's a call to our most animalistic self, an exploration of what we are when stripped of all societal conditioning and pretenses.

The Shadow

The Shadow, a term borrowed from Carl Jung's analytical psychology, signifies the parts of ourselves that we have rejected, suppressed, or disowned. These are aspects of our personality that we might feel shame or guilt about, and they are typically hidden in the metaphorical darkness of our subconscious. In Demonic Magick, we don't run away from The Shadow; we embrace it.

In the Luciferian path, recognizing, confronting, and integrating the Shadow is considered a vital part of personal evolution. Through ritual and introspection, we invite The Shadow to step into the light, acknowledging its presence and understanding its nature. The Shadow's integration can lead to significant personal growth and self-awareness, offering a powerful tool for transformation and liberation.

The Divine Self

The Divine Self is the end-goal, the culmination of self-actualization within Luciferian tradition. It represents an ideal state of being, where one is fully aware, accepts, and integrates all aspects of their being. 

The Divine Self, in the context of Demonic Magick, represents the realization of our potential and the manifestation of our highest spiritual essence. It represents the spark of the divine within us, the eternal soul or spirit that is connected to the cosmos and everything in it. The Divine Self is our potential for enlightenment, and self-realization. 

Integrating these aspects of self requires a deep commitment to self-awareness, honesty, and a willingness to dive into the deep, often turbulent waters of one's psyche. But the reward is a profound spiritual liberation and sense of self-empowerment - the ultimate goals of the Luciferian path. 

Understanding and working with these three aspects of the Self — The Beast, The Shadow, and The Divine Self — can lead to profound personal transformations. As you engage with each of these aspects in your practice, remember that the goal is not to eradicate or suppress any of them, but to understand, accept, and integrate them, thereby achieving a deeper sense of wholeness and personal power. The Beast, The Shadow, and The Divine Self are not separate, but interconnected parts of a potent triad that form the essence of who we are as practitioners of Demonic Magick.

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