Wisdom of the Adepts

There are no Adepts in this world who have not faced the sorrows and uncertainties of human existence. They've gotten where they are by mastering their worries and uncertainties and have risen above these circumstances.

There is a sequence and gradual progression from ignorance to wisdom among them. But no one became wise overnight. Everyone was tested, but they all fought through it. They all faced persecution. Many gave their lives for their ideals, preferring knowledge over security and truth over power.

There is a direct correlation between our progression through life and the amount of wisdom we've accumulated. This is especially true when it comes to the soul's ascension. Without wisdom, we are only left with ignorance, the primary culprit of most issues. For example, ignorance about physical health leads to unnecessary illness, and someone ignorant of local laws will likely end up fined or in jail. An ignorance of finances only leads to poverty. Like so, the same is true with our spiritual nature.

Students of magick must have a proper understanding of these laws. This is necessary to navigate the spiritual plane properly and gain immeasurable benefits on the physical plane. It's ignorance of spiritual laws that tarnishes our soul. When you don't know how to accumulate the necessary spiritual attributes for ascension, you miss out on the greatest treasures here on Earth

Article by Rin Otori

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Very Well said Rin Otori!!! Keep up The Great Work of Inner Alchemy of the Soul!

Sanchez Dean April 24, 2022

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