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Amythest Infused Elixir Water Bottle


This Demonically charged glass water bottle infused with an Amethyst elixir is the must have of the season. Amethyst is a powerful crystal known to quickly relieve stress, remove feelings of grief and anxiety, and resonate vibrations of tranquility and calm. This stone also has powerful metaphysical properties which assist in dispelling anger, rage, fear, sadness and anxiety. Long-term use of this Amethyst infused elixir water bottle can open intuition and enhance psychic abilities.

This bottle has had a ritual done on it so that any drinkable liquids you add to it will adopt the properties of Amethyst.

The Demons associated to this bottle are Sekhmet, Ronove, Osiris, Set and 7th. Features & details

• NATURAL CLEANSING| 100% Amethyst for positively charged energy anytime - at home, work, gym or when traveling!

• PERFECT FOR GIFTING | Includes a protective neoprene sleeve in white box. Great for yourself or loved ones.

• PURE CRYSTAL | Amethyst is the stone of grounding and spiritual awareness. • ECO-FRIENDLY | BPA free. Made with stainless steel and high borosilicate glass - suitable for hot or cold drinks.

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