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Black Obsidian Infused Elixir Water Bottle


Enjoy the benefits of crystal transmutation with this Black Obsidian infused elixir water bottle. Black Obsidian is a powerful transmutation crystal known to resonate potent vibrations of powerful psychic protection, cleansing and transmutation abilities.

This stone also has powerful metaphysical properties which assist in shielding you against negative people and negative energy in general. Long-term use of black obsidian elixir bottle can stimulate clairvoyance and may boost precognition. You may also find this boosting qualities such as luck and/or even assisting in lifting your mood.

Features & details • NATURAL CLEANSING| 100% Black Obsidian for positively charged energy anytime - at home, work, gym or when traveling!

• PERFECT FOR GIFTING | Includes a protective neoprene sleeve in white box. Great for yourself or loved ones.

• PURE CRYSTAL | Black Obsidian is the stone of powerful cleansing. Protects, cleanses and transmutes negative energy from your astral body.

• ECO-FRIENDLY | BPA free. Made with stainless steel and high borosilicate glass - suitable for hot or cold drinks

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