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Demonic Ritual Knife


Every serious Magician or Witch should ideally have a dedicated alter space where they perform their Magick. On that alter should be where you keep a dedicated ritual knife. This knife should always remain on your alter and not be used for anything else besides Magick. 

The Order's Demonic Ritual Knife is laser engraved on both sides with Lucifer’s sigil and name. But what makes this knife really special is how it was engineered to be perfect for easily drawing blood for your rituals with the least amount of effort and pain. 

  • DIMENSIONS: 4.25 inches overall and 2.5 inches closed with a 1.75-inch blade and a 2.5-inch handle.
  • TOUGH: Small but mighty folding knife made entirely from stainless steel is treated to resist damage, corrosion and basic wear and tear.
  • Laser-engraved on both sides of handle with Lucifer's name and sigil. 

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