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Desire Me Honey Jar

This Honey Jar is made from all organic honey, sacred herbs, and is pre blessed with “Desire me” Potion. All spellwork is done. This jar acts as a bonding agent to seal your relationship and get him to stop fighting with you and want to be close to you.

This obsession and love Honey Jar will make your target barely able to concentrate on anything without an image of you popping up in their mind. This will make them want to make up with you and keep the peace. This will make your target dream of sex with you and may even make them avoid sex with others.
This will make them desperately want you and fantasize about sex and even a future with you while awake as well.
You will have to show interest as well to fully reap the benefits of this.

This potion’s strength comes from it’s tie to Demons: Eros (love), Bastet (Beauty), and Hedona (Sex and infatuation)

This potions’ strength is also derived from it’s powerful pure ingredients including crushed crystal, 24k gold, crushed garnet, pure extracts, jezebel oil, and multiple Magickal root extracts that act as major offerings to these Demons.

This is best used with a target that you have or (had) a relationship with or are in contact with. The less obstacles in the way of your relationship the better. This can be used right after a fight, break up or even just to sweeten your relationship.
This can work for men or women.

To activate:

Simply write your targets’ name on the paper provided and place in Jar. Then carve your targets’ name in the pink candle provides and say the spell that will be included while lit and focus your intention on the flame. Effects last two months!!!

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