The Order

Lucifer Horns of Pandaemonium


The King above all Crowns.

7th Witch House is proud to present our first ever released conduit of Lucifer. We proudly bring to you the “Lucifer Ritual Horns of Pandemonium,” for a way to unleash ultimate power and magickal ability in all ritual work, as well as to become an unstoppable force in hexing. 

Our luxury hand designed, metal and luxury fabric embroidered and embellished Lucifer horns will act as the perfect conduit between you and Lucifer, providing a powerful force of destruction when you perform as well the legendary and secret “Rite of Pandaemonium,” which is included with these hand adorned and demonically blessed artisan horns.

With our horns, you can easily unravel and destroy the world of your enemy. Handcrafted with precision and skill, our horns are the perfect choice for those who want to make a powerful ritual statement, harness the energy and blessing of Lucifer, and take their place of power in the world of the occult.
Unleash your inner power with our luxurious hand designed horns today.

Only 15 sets are available, and only 15 will ever be made public. Do not miss out on your set. 

Each purchase comes with:

• Luxury hand adorned and ritually blessed numbered limited edition horns of Lucifer.

• Rite of Pandemonium 

• Luxury packaging 

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