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Lucifer’s Altar


If you have struggled to find the appropriate offerings for Lucifer, or you have struggles to find the space to create his altar then we have the perfect solution. 

In this mini Altar kit, you will receive a plethora of offerings that are extremely pleasing to Lucifer.

You will receive: 

1. His sigil 

2. Lucifer Prayer Incense 

3. Crystal Tower 

4. Selenite Tower

5. Pyrite Cube 

6. Tree of knowledge Bouquet 

7. Crushed amethyst

8. Crushed clear quarts

9. Cube of pure Opal  

10. Wooden Altar offering stand

11. Tumbled Black Obsidian

12. Cube of Jade 

13. Lucifers call/prayer 

14. Luxury designer Altar Box

These are all excellent demonically charged offerings contained in one box that is small enough to hide, and large enough to fully honor and show piety and establish connection to Lucifer. 
No more excuses….what are you waiting for? 

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