The Order

Nothing Before I


This Hex potion bound to Belial and Namtaru will serve up paranoia, guilt and help force the empathy that your target so irritatingly lacks.

if your target knows that you cannot handle abandonment and then has the audacity to use this against you, then this potion is for you.

This potion will force every hobby, activity, job, effort, or non minor relationship to fail that is placed before you when used as a tactic to cause you pain. 

Narcissists know what they’re doing. Bring them to their knees by giving them a taste of the anxiety, paranoia and pain they so carelessly cause you through stonewalling, abandonment, ghosting, and intentional belittling of your feelings and efforts. Let’s see how fast they hop when it’s you turning up the heat. 🔥🔥🔥

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