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Ritual Bastet Eyeshadow Palette


💎 Introducing our most beautiful eyeshadow palette to date: 7th Witch House “Ritual” is a 35-pan eyeshadow palette that is the perfect mix of bold, neutral and dazzling wearable colors that can create both the most softly seductive and mesmerizing dramatic looks imaginable.

💎 This Magickal eyeshadow palette Bound to Bastet with the Iconic Rebound Beauty Ritual will make you catch the eye of everyone in the room! People will hardly be able to believe that magnitude of your beauty. 

💎 This palette is perfect for everyone who wishes to go between playing it safe, and stepping out bodily into society with the most head turning looks! 

💎 While wearing the colors of this palette, you will be able to stack the hypnotic strength of Bastet Iconic Beauty!

💎 Don’t miss your chance to stop time with your radiating beauty!

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