Accountability and Internal Stances

It's not where you want to go but where you come from that determines your success and results in life. By "where you come from," I'm referring to your "internal stance ."Your internal stance is the position you operate from in life which ultimately determines "who you are," or, in other words, how you exist. So how do you live and function each day? It's not just about the things you do and say. What you don't do and say is just as important. Both determine how you are experienced by others and yourself. It is how you choose to be in the face of others, challenges, or general life.

Now granted, "where you want to go" provides direction in life, but "where you come from." will always be your foundation. Your internal stance can make or break you. It can be empowering and just as disempowering depending on what you've chosen and choose to reinforce daily. With that said, most people unconsciously assume several different internal stances and switch between them. So step one is to develop self-awareness to identify the internal stance one is currently operating from.

Disempowering Internal Stances:

Blaming others

Empowering Internal Stances:

Choosing to grow

Power comes from actively choosing our internal stance and switching between different ones at will. On the other hand, if we allow ourselves to become entrapped by a disempowering Internal Stance, we've imprisoned ourselves. This happens when one begins to take up a disempowering stance unconsciously. As one continues to practice Demonic Magick and begins the process of Ascension, the practitioner learns how to switch from one internal stance to another at will.

This allows you to drop any assumed internal stance no longer serving you and keep testing new ones until you find the one that gets you what you want. It's not much different from how a baseball player in a rut will work with a coach to change his stance. First, he'll make incremental adjustments, such as moving one foot further back, bending his knees more, or positioning his shoulders differently until he starts hitting the ball again. By changing your internal stance, your actions change, and the results you get from life.



erik February 22, 2023

And by ascension, you mean becoming a luciferian?

Marvin February 22, 2022

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