Wealth Magick Demystified

Have you been focused on wealth magick but are still struggling to meet your financial obligations or even start saving money?

Perhaps your spells have yielded results, but the money still gets spent up quicker than you can manifest it.

Magick to create quick bursts of money can help you float from one paycheck to the next or take care of a major unplanned expense. But when the money does not come from a sustainable source, this can lead to a dangerous cycle of continuously relying on Magick to supplement your income, which is a very volatile situation to be in.

Fortunately, getting out of this cycle isn't unreasonably complicated. It just requires some forward-thinking and strategic execution of magick. True wealth magick need not be a slow process. You can still manifest significant money quickly; you just need to adjust the flow.

Here comes a bizarre analogy. Even though it's a bit silly, hopefully, it will be helpful.

I'm sure everyone at some point has had a smoothie or shake blended so thick that it was difficult to sip through the straw.

Let's pretend you are challenged for whatever reason to consume one of these as quickly as possible.

Your first instinct is probably to pull on the straw harder. But this will only help a little bit. Taking the lid off and using a spoon is against the rules in this scenario.

What are some other solutions?

You can add more straws to have multiple flow channels to pull from. Or you can find a larger straw, which will allow more to flow through at a time. You might even choose to do both and add multiple larger straws.

Wealth works similarly. The flow of money coming in is limited by your straws or "flow channels." To increase the flow, you must either acquire more channels and/or find a bigger and better one. Fortunately, Wealth Magick can make this easier. Some Demons specialize in quick bursts of money, while others specialize in establishing long-term wealth.

An advanced practitioner strategically selects the appropriate Demons and spells for their short-term and long-term financial needs. The Order has an array of potions from 7th Witch House, which utilize a combination of Demons that work together to create quick cash flow and long-term wealth.


This anoalogy actually makes perfect sense and lets me know what I’ve been doing wrong this whole time and what I should do to improve my results. Thank you 😊🙌🏽

Rae March 30, 2022

These writings are such a gift. Thanks for greatly expanding our mental capacity.

zee December 29, 2021

This is amazing post! I love it! I needed this post and plan. Thank you brother. Love you brother. Thank you for writing such a wonderful post that will help so many people with their money issue!

Tommy Le December 29, 2021

Fantastic read and great analogy!

Nikki Sanders December 14, 2021

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