Breaking the Chains: Unveiling Curse-Breaking Through Demonic Magick

 Curses, those enigmatic bindings imbued with the power of misfortune and suffering, have woven themselves into the tapestry of human history since time immemorial. In the occult world, practitioners have tirelessly explored avenues to unravel these threads, and among them lies the practice of Demonic Magick. This article explores the intricate art of curse-breaking, shedding light on how Demonic Magick can shield against the malevolent forces of occult warfare. 


Navigating the Path of Curse-Breaking Through Demonic Magick


The utilization of Demonic Magick for curse reversal encompasses various techniques for dismantling and neutralizing the influence of curses. This includes the proper execution of rituals, incantations, and other safeguarding measures that harmonize to counteract the negative energies lingering in the ether. 


Preventative Measures: It is often said prevention is the best medicine. For this reason, some practitioners opt for a continuous invocation with a single demon or rotate through invocations with different demons as a preemptive measure against impending curses.


Direct Intervention: Evoking a demon skilled in curse reversal becomes paramount to addressing an existing curse. Extending an offering to the respective demon is often advised as a sign of respect and acknowledgment during these petitions.


Here is a compilation of demons renowned for their expertise in curse-breaking, along with some suggested offerings:


1. **Vine**

   Offerings: Blood, Pendant, Green Grapes, Springwater, Money.


2. **Beelzebub**

   Offerings: Blood, Pendant, Bee-themed Items, Precious Metals.


3. **Forcalor**

   Offerings: Whiskey, Blood, Pendant, Food, Weapons, Pineapples.


4. **Ose**

   Offerings: Blood, Pendant, Money, Public Proclamation, Tea.


5. **Malphas**

   Offerings: Pendant, Blood, Food, Wheat, Vanilla Beans.


6. **Phenex**

   Offerings: Pendant, Blood, Copper, Coins, Roses, Silver, Herbs.


Engaging demons for curse reversal requires a profound understanding and the accurate execution of invocations or evocations. For novices in the field, premade solutions like the Demonic Emergency Uncrossing Kit offered by The Order provide a comprehensive arsenal for addressing curses. This kit is tailored to restore balance, cleanse energies, counteract curses, disentangle from lower demonic/angelic influences, and rectify accidental hex spillage.



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