Demonic Guides to the Astral Plane: Merging Realms Through Magick

Astral projection, the ability to separate one's consciousness from the physical body and travel through the astral plane, has intrigued seekers of the mystical and occult for centuries. One branch of esoteric practice that has explored the intersection of astral projection is demonic magick. This article delves into the connection between demonic magick and astral projection, exploring how these two practices intertwine, their potential benefits, the risks involved, and ethical considerations.


The Nexus of Demonic Magick and Astral Projection

Astral projection is the practice of intentionally shifting one's awareness and consciousness from the physical body to the astral plane, a realm that exsts beyond the confines of time and space. Those who practice astral projection seek to explore this plane, gain insights, communicate with spirits, and even engage in spiritual growth.

Demonic magick, on the other hand, involves contacting and working with demons. These divine beings hold knowledge and power beyond human understanding. Practitioners of demonic magick may invoke demons to gain knowledge, insight, protection, or to fulfill personal desires.

The connection between astral projection and demonic magick lies in the potential for demons to facilitate astral journeys. Practitioners may either evoke or invoke demons to aid in the process of astral projection, using their energies to enhance the experience and navigate the astral plane.

Integrating demonic magick with astral projection can offer unique benefits to practitioners:

1. **Enhanced Guidance:** Demons possess profound wisdom and can act as astral guides, offering insights and guidance during astral journeys.

2. **Access to Forbidden Knowledge:** Demons possess hidden knowledge and arcane secrets, which can be accessed on the astral plane under their guidance.

3. **Protection and Empowerment:** Demons can provide protection during astral travel, shielding practitioners from negative energies and entities.

4. **Expanded Consciousness:** The energies of demons may catalyze profound shifts in consciousness, leading to deep introspection and transformation during astral projection.

While the combination of demonic magick and astral projection offers potential benefits, it's crucial to acknowledge the risks involved:

Working with demons for astral projection demands skill in navigating the astral plane, as encountering negative entities is a possibility.

The fusion of demonic magick and astral projection offers a unique path for seekers of esoteric knowledge and personal transformation. Exploring this connection can yield insights that transcend the limitations of the physical world. However, practitioners must approach this practice with caution, respect for the demons involved, and a solid foundation in both demonic magick and astral projection techniques. As with any occult practice, ethical considerations and personal responsibility are paramount, ensuring that one's journey through the astral realm remains a meaningful and empowering experience.


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Remember that while a product like the Astral Projection Magick Potion can serve as a catalyst, it is essential to approach its use with a responsible and ethical mindset. It should complement your existing knowledge of both astral projection and demonic magick practices. Always prioritize your safety, personal growth, and respect for the forces you are working with.


Hail Demons!

erik August 30, 2023

Love this!

Nock Ronald August 30, 2023

I love this!! This article touches on some thoughts I have been having recently relating to how my journey into mediumship is going to mesh with my Luciferian beliefs.
Everything that I am reading pertaining to my calling as a healer and medium is laced with angel ideology. Looking forward to more information in this calling from a Luciferian stand point.

Crystal Frances Troiano August 30, 2023

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