Crocell - Demon of Refinement

Are you looking to achieve massive progress ASAP? If so, Crocell is the Demon you’ll want to call on.

Whether you are a student needing to soak up information like a sponge for an exam, or an athlete needing to step up their game, Crocell can be your ticket to success.

This Demon specializes in enhancing people’s ability to perform at their maximum capacity, whether on a physical or mental level.

He is also a master at dealing with people, particularly in confrontational situations. So if you are currently having trouble with aggression or unnecessary friction when dealing with others, Crocell can help alleviate these issues.

Now that we’ve covered Crocell’s primary forte, let’s move on to some of his other less-known but beneficial abilities. Part of adult life is dealing with burdensome paperwork and processes. For many, this may be a part of their work responsibilities. For others, it might be applying for grants, government assistance, or other forms of legal paperwork. Often, the processes involved in these situations can be so overwhelming and problematic that many people will put them off or avoid them altogether. Fortunately, Crocell can help simplify these processes allowing everything to go much more smoothly and less stressful.

Another ability Crocell has that is less often used is to persuade another person to provide your need for pleasure. Even though Introduction to Demonic Magick covers this, many people may not fully understand it. Yes, this can be used on someone to perform a sexual act if that connection is present. But there is also a much broader scope of application for this.

For example, perhaps you would like your spouse to take you out somewhere, or on a trip you always wanted. Or maybe you would like to try and negotiate some free spa services at a hotel. Perhaps you are trying to persuade your boss to invest in some equipment that would make your job easier.

Want an easy way to come up with more ideas for this? Break it down like this:

X = The pleasure you are seeking (what would make you happy).

Y = The person who can give you what you want.

To begin, fill in the blank for X. In other words, determining what sort of pleasure you are seeking.

Then fill in the blank for Y. Identify the source or the individual who can give you what you want. Ex., your spouse, company representative, employer, etc.

Give it a try and see what you can come up with!

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What a precious information! Its awesome learn a bit more about the Royal Demons! HAIL CROCELL!

Jairo November 12, 2021

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