Astaroth - Demon of Purpose

 Are traumatic events of the past holding you back from success and happiness, but you can't seem to put it behind you?

Astaroth can help with healing from these issues and moving forward. Are you currently spinning your wheels getting nowhere? You might not be clear on your genuine desire or goal. If that's the case, Astaroth can help by shedding light on what your true purpose is. Ultimately, pursuing one's purpose is one of everyone's deepest desires, whether on a conscious or subconscious level.

Now with that said, some may object to the idea of having a life purpose, seeing it as a conflict with free will. Please understand that Luciferians recognize that every one of us is born with a pre-determined purpose. We all have a role to play in the grand scheme of the cosmos. However, free will allows us to choose whether we or not we will pursue that purpose or act against it. Thus, there is no conflict with free will by accepting one's purpose. It is embedded within our nature to pursue it, and we will feel a pull towards it one way or another.

This is very much like swimming in a river. You can choose to swim along with the current or against it. Choosing to swim with the current will be a much smoother experience, and you will travel a greater distance more quickly.

Conversely, swimming against the current remains possible. In fact, so many of us spend our lives going in this direction, consuming massive amounts of energy to resist the pull of the river's current.


Sometimes after finding out what your genuine desire is, you get a feel for where the current has been trying to take you all along. Suddenly, you realize that you've been going down the wrong direction all along!

Fortunately, Astaroth is perfect at helping you get back on track. If your current situation is full of blockages that prevent you from making progress, this Demon can provide a road opener to help get you where you want to be.

And if that isn't enough, he also has additional tricks up his sleeve to give you a clear advantage. For one, Astaroth is an expert at mind control, fully capable of making anyone bend to your will as needed. So if your life purpose involves influencing people on a massive scale, you'll want to take full advantage of this.

Or perhaps your purpose lies somewhere in the creative field. In that case, you can petition Astaroth to unleash a surge of creativity to assist you in your work as needed.

When petitioning Astaroth, you will need to be prepared to provide an offering of some sort. Blood and wearing his pendant are the standard offerings. He is also fond of copper, sexual offerings, juniper berries, and public proclamation.


Hail Astaroth🤘🏼

Cameron February 18, 2023

Awesome article, very inspiring & informative 🌹

Firestarter333Alchemy November 19, 2021

Thank you for this amazing post on Astaroth! Got some new insight. Love you brother.

Tommy Le November 18, 2021

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