Demon Aim - Duke of Hell

Today we’re going to talk about the Demon Aim of the Royal Legion. You’ll find him on page 221 of the book Introduction to Demonic Magick By The Order. Aim’s rank is Duke of Hell, and he works very closely with Lucifer.

He is a very crafty Demon offering many practical benefits for building character and strengthening will. Great for a courage boost or for a situation when you need to alpha up. He can provide many practical benefits in a lot of everyday life situations. One of his specialties is to help build you up from the inside and makes you more assertive. This has the benefit of strengthening your will, which will improve your Magick in general. Your will is like a muscle, and the strength of your will have a direct impact on the success of your spells.

If you are familiar with the Lesser Key of Solomon or Are Goetia, you might be surprised to find out that Aim and Demons, in general, do not, in fact, appear like they are described in these old classic texts. Rather, during a successful evocation, a Demon will appear in the form of a human. It should also be noted that Demons are able to change their appearance at any given moment, but generally, they do tend to maintain one consistent appearance. Aim, in particular, is known to appear as a young man in his early 20’s with dark skin and blue eyes. He is also known to be extremely tall, with a height of approximately 7 ft. One very unique feature of Aim is he is completely hairless from head to toe.

While it is possible during a Full Evocation to have a Demon appear in full physical form, this is a rarity and not always to be expected. Rather, you are more likely to have other signs occur to indicate a Demonic presence. For Aim, one of his favorite ways to do this is to cause you to smell the scent of burnt hair or carpet.

With that said, a full evocation or any signs to indicate a demonic presence is not required in order for a ritual to be successful. Many of our students report no paranormal activity during their rituals and still get incredible results. Demons do not always give signs, but if you follow the instructions in Introduction to Demonic Magick, you can be confident that you will achieve a successful connection and the results you are seeking.

Regardless of whether or not anything noticeable occurs during the ritual, you are advised to proceed with stating your petition out loud as if the Demon is there right in front of you. It is also customary to give an offering up-front during the ritual. Aim, in particular, is very fond of blood offerings, his pendant, daggers, and public proclamation.

So why should you work with Aim over other Demons? Well, to answer this question appropriately, it’s best to give you some insight into what Aim specializes in and how he works his Magick. Aim is a master of achieving goals through cunning and subtle manipulation. With that said, he is not against taking an aggressive approach when the situation calls for it. But generally, he loves to use other people’s secrets against them. He loves blackmail. So if your enemy has skeletons in their closet, he is great for exploiting this in your favor. Aim will also tend to uncover any hidden weaknesses or phobias your enemy has and use these to achieve your objective.

If you are in need of information about someone, Aim loves to reveal secrets, so this is another type of situation he excels in. Want to create chaos in someone’s home? This is your Demon. Aim can easily cause a blowout with a spouse or other family members. Alternatively, he might also cause electrical appliances to start malfunctioning or cause accidents around the house. Lastly, if you need to climb the corporate ranks or excel in some other personal ventures, Aim is generally more than happy to lend a hand in deceiving others to achieve your goals.

To learn more about Aim and start connecting to this Demon, you can find his evocation in Introduction to Demonic Magick and his pendant here.


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Gregory March 15, 2021


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Gregory March 15, 2021

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