Ritual Knives and Blood Offerings

One of the biggest struggles regarding Demonic Magick that I’ve seen come up very often has to do with cutting oneself in order to make blood offerings. Understandably, many beginners tend to gravitate towards using Diabetic lancets or needles to do this because they find it less intimidating or painful.

While this is understandable and perfectly acceptable, it’s not something I can say I honestly recommend. Here’s why. Rituals are so important when it comes to Magick. And personally, I feel that using a diabetic lancet or anything other than a ritual knife takes away from the seriousness of the ritual. One of the major purposes of any Magick ritual is to create a shift in your consciousness. Rituals are designed to take you out of your ordinary state of mind and into the altered state ideal for Magick.

The more effort you put into making your rituals special and significant, the easier it becomes to reach this state and get into your own personal “Magick zone” if you will. While it is understandably not possible for some who need to practice Magick in secret, every serious Magician or Witch should ideally have a dedicated alter space where they perform their Magick. And on that alter should be where you keep a dedicated ritual knife.

This knife should always remain on your alter and not be used for anything else besides Magick. So today I would like to introduce The Order’s new Demonic Ritual Knife. This knife is laser engraved on both sides with Lucifer’s sigil and name. But what makes this knife really special is how it was engineered to be perfect for easily drawing blood for your rituals with the least amount of effort and pain.

The key to drawing blood with the least amount of pain is to use an extremely sharp blade that will cut without the need to apply much pressure. One of the most frustrating things that can mess up your rituals is having to psyche yourself out to cut your palm only to end up failing to draw blood because you didn’t press down hard enough. If this is something you struggle with, it’s probably because of your knife.

I honestly believe once you see how easy it can be to do blood offerings with a ritual knife, you’ll finally be able to ditch the diabetic lancets for good. This will give you confidence as a serious magical practitioner, and also more confidence in your magick in general.

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Thank you for this wonderful insight, Rin! It is truly amazing. Having a specific ritual knife ready will really help maintain focus during ritual! I will definitely be investing in this ritual knife.

erik May 27, 2021

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