Traveling Through Life As a Demonic Alchemist

As an evolving being, every Luciferian has a long journey ahead, and everyone begins at a different starting point. You are where you are so that you may learn and grow. There is a spiritual lesson within every circumstance.

Will you transmute life’s lead into gold as a Demonic Alchemist?

Or will you continue to lug it around and let it weigh you down?

Unfortunately, throwing it away is not an option. When faced with any circumstance, you must either transmute it into a golden opportunity or allow the lead to bring you further down into an even worse situation. The soul has a magnetic nature that attracts things of the same kind that it harbors, loves, and also that which it fears. You will continue to be tossed around by circumstances so long as you remain a believer that you are a creature of external conditions. Only when you assume the role of master of yourself can you rise above it all and become a creative power. The mind can plant seeds within the hidden soul of which circumstances grow. Every single thing which found its way into existence began as a thought.

Thoughts are real. They are not imaginary things that exist only in mind. They bleed into your outside conditions. Every thought-seed sowed and allowed to take root in mind, eventually blossoms into an act that bears the fruit of opportunity or circumstance. Fortunately, not every thought-seed takes root or is fertilized with sufficient energy to manifest.

This is how Demonic Magick becomes the missing ingredient for making the things you want to happen. Demonic Magick enables you to reach the heights of your aspirations. Even those you once wrote off as outside the realm of possibility. All things are possible with the help of Lucifer and the legion. It’s not a question of whether it’s possible to use magick to make X happen. The question is, are you able to harness enough energy to make it happen? Demons have no shortage of energy to fulfill any of your desires. However, humans act as the conduit for this energy.

Each of us has our different capacities based on where we are regarding ascension, magickal experience, and overall health. With great power comes even greater responsibility. As reapers of our harvest, we learn from both pleasure and suffering. We learn lessons of bliss when we use magick appropriately— and through pain when we do otherwise. I consider the right-hand path the Greyhound bus of the spiritual traveler.

Everyone rides together, on the same journey, making the same pitstops, and reaching the same destination. There’s no control because someone else is driving for you, meaning you aren’t in control of your journey. The left-hand path is about being in the driver’s seat. While everyone is looking for conventional roads to get to where they want to be, the Luciferian does not care for such limitations.

- Rin Otori


Great article, really helpful! love the bus analogy too, it made me laugh

Loving this path and all its lessons

Sarah Wharmby November 29, 2022

Thank u for this.

James carpenter November 07, 2022

This is eye-opening:)

Cedric July 28, 2021

Je veux devenir membre luciférien merci de m’aider

Oumar July 23, 2021

So inspiring

James July 22, 2021

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