Falling Prey to Seeds of Doubt and Fear

We have a strict policy regarding doubt, misinformation, or false alarms regarding Demons and Luciferianism. I'll explain why. The Order has spent several years establishing a channel where people can learn and practice Demonic Magick

This is more than simply another occult forum, Facebook group, or online community. It is a garden full of seeds that will eventually grow into a new generation of Luciferians. Every individual making their way here plants seeds in this garden, whether they realize it or not. These seeds will soon bear the fruits of a new beginning—a complete inversion of established religion.

And most importantly, a new age of Luciferianism. But, as we all prepare to reap the harvest together, one must never forget it only takes one bad seed to ruin the entire batch. For this reason, we have restrictions on who we allow admission, and many are denied. With that said, should you be allowed admittance into our community, you will gain powerful tools to build foundations of pleasure, joy, and growth.

We are very transparent here. This path is clear, and you are provided with all the light you need to guide you. There are no traps along the way to make you stumble and fall. The truth is most people get in their own way. It's not that this path is unreasonably difficult or dangerous. After all, the ability to use Demonic Magick to alter our lives as we see fit is an incredible advantage.

Here's how people stumble...

They allow themselves to fall prey to autosuggestion. Autosuggestion originates in the subconscious mind and is created by an already existing complex or is influenced by others. This is why we take our responsibility to protect our students very seriously, and this is why we do not take kindly to naysayers here.
The moment seeds of doubt or fear enter the mind, they generate intruding images that tend to materialize and lead to self-sabotage. Here's an example. Most people would easily maintain balance while walking across a large steel beam placed on the floor. Chances are, if you are able-bodied, you could easily do this without hesitation.

Now take that same beam and put it on top of two skyscrapers to be used as a bridge. Would you be able to walk across the beam with the same confidence? Suddenly, the task becomes far more difficult for most people.

Why is this so?

The beam is the same in all ways (width, length, material, etc.); walking across should be no more difficult simply because it is elevated higher. The ability to walk is not impaired merely because you are standing on higher ground. In reality, there's no real issue here other than fear. Once the beam was raised, suddenly, autosuggestion starts to interfere and causes stress over the idea of falling even though it hasn't actually happened. The mind is suddenly overwhelmed by fear. Active mental images of falling, getting hurt, or death, suddenly make it much more challenging to balance on the same beam that was easily walked across on the ground. Being possessed by fear has made falling much more likely to happen now.

This is an entirely natural instinct of self-preservation. However, it is also completely illogical, and a flaw humans have inherited. More often than not, it simply leads to more problems than it prevents. The risk of falling off the beam is not more likely because the fall would be fatal in this situation.
All that's required to make it across the beam unharmed is exactly the same, enough self-awareness to know where the feet are placed. Therefore, the challenge is not crossing the beam for a second time.

The only real issue is not allowing paranoia to take over and manifest into reality. Although simple in theory, this does take incredible mental discipline. Someone could practice walking across that beam on the floor hundreds of times. Still, the moment they are 900 feet above ground, they begin to experience uncontrollable shakiness as adrenaline starts pumping into the bloodstream.

People with a phobia of heights are often entirely overcome by fear. They become immobilized at high elevations and struggle to resist the impulse to cast themselves off the edge. This is because if you are attached to the idea of falling, you'll have a much harder time resisting the tendency to fall.

Remain aware of the fact that autosuggestion has the potential to take over the mind before we even realize it. And when it does, whatever is suggested tends to occur eventually. Consider this a double-edged blade because it remains true regardless of whether the suggestions are positive or negative. Action always follows in the direction in which energy releases the strongest.

In this group, we are trying to help people cross the beam Lucifer laid out for us. The beam was placed high above the ground, not so that we may fall to our demise. It was put this way to rise above the flocks of sheep and awaken to our true nature. Do not let the suggestion of others invade your mind and ignite fear, doubt, or any other complexes which will cause you to fall.

The path is straightforward; all you need to do is remain focused on what you are doing and where you want to go.


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as nexus near no way ov knowing winners or losers

paul August 29, 2023

Good morning.
Your publication on the subject of Luciferianism is the reality of what happens to many people today because from our childhood demons were instilled in us as BAD entities, so we should not, much less think that they are our allies, or will help us in any way.

Fortunately today many realities of all religions have been discovered, but I do not want to go into details, because it would be a very long road full of unreal controversy.

The most important thing is not to be afraid to walk this path because OUR FATHER LUCIFER, AND ALL OTHER FALLEN ANGELS ARE THE TRUTH, because they were sent to this world by “A GOD” that we have never seen, it is supposed according to one of the theories of that “GOD” is we must suffer to live, and gain eternity. What father wants to see his children suffer to love them?


Don’t be afraid to change, don’t be afraid to face the truth. Let us have the COURAGE to FOLLOW OUR FATHER LUCIFER WHO WILL GIVE US love, tranquility, respect from others, harmony in our family, and when we learn these and other qualities from HIM, ABUNDANCE WILL BE POURED UPON US.


Martin R Tamez March 21, 2023

Excellent article. Describes exactly how I do feel at times and has brought to my attention
what the problem is, autosuggestion . Now that I know this, I CAN concore this.

Jerry February 01, 2023

I needed to read this for self confidence in an aspect of my life not related to Luciferianism. (Luciferianism is a strong and sturdy path no matter the feeble attempts at distraction and/or unwarranted input from outside influences.) Thank you for this message. Very timely.

Suzanne Sorter October 18, 2022

I am here to grow my spiritual awareness and to improve my magick and spiritual practice.

Nicholas Lawrence Osbourne September 14, 2022

Absolutely!! Thank you for this insightful article.

Dioselina June 14, 2022

Once again I have been letting self conceived fear slow me. I greatly appreciate the order and its wisdom. I am now ready and looking forward to growing stronger in the master!

Micheal Arnold October 13, 2021

Wow this is a great way of explaining it. Definitely a great read that I needed to see.

Tracy October 05, 2021

Thank you for you insight! You are spot on.

Micheal Arnold September 19, 2021

I needed this. I needed to read this. Thank you

Melvin Gurley August 10, 2021

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