Demonic Magick to Force Fidelity

Many couples remain together and choose to ignore their gut feeling about cheating. They stay since it is easier than being alone, and they fear that they will not find anyone else. I define infidelity as a clandestine relationship outside with another individual that may or may not include sex but can potentially damage the existing relationship if known about it.

A committed couple does not want the relationship to end for any reason. Deceit, betrayal, and disrespect pose harmful risks to relationships, and they value their partners too highly to endanger their relationship. There is no sense of deprivation on their part towards their partners. The commitments and actions of the individuals are not motivated by entrapment but rather by preference.

It is possible to use Demonic Magick to force your partner to be faithful even if they have cheated in the past. However, the question is, should you, and is it worth it? Every individual will have to answer this for themselves. Magick can enforce fidelity, create sexual attraction, and even infatuation, but it cannot create genuine love. So if infidelity is a problem in your relationship and you seek true love, it may be best to cut your losses and find someone new. However, this article is about forcing a partner to be faithful, not finding love. So I will advise accordingly. If you suspect or know your partner is unfaithful, Agares is the perfect Demon to address this.

Before anything, it makes the most sense to get confirmation on whether or not infidelity is taking place. Even if you feel confident your partner is cheating, it's always best to be 100% certain. Agares can help with this. You can petition Agares to force your partner to be honest with you. Now do not expect them to come forward and confess to anything on their own. However, you will be able to interrogate them about any potential cheating, and they will be unable to lie to you.

After you have gotten your confession (assuming cheating has occurred and you still want to stay in the relationship), you can petition Agares to force your partner to be faithful or use the Fidelity potion from 7th Witch House. Once again, while magick cannot be used to force love, it can be used to terminate any cheating and maintain your relationship security.

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