The Demonic Method For Emotional Indestructibility

Are you experiencing issues in your personal or professional life due to the insecure narrative that continually plays in your mind? Are you afraid of people judging? Do you shudder when around powerful or intimidating individuals?

"Who then is invincible? The one who cannot be upset by anything outside their reasoned choice."

Can you imagine how much power you would have over yourself and your life in general if you became emotionally indestructible?

Information comes at us in so many forms nowadays. We have social media, email, text messages, video chat, etc. Having 24/7 instantaneous communication increases the clashing of many egos that inhabit our reality.
Whether online or offline, it is a choice to be offended. With that said, it can be a hard choice not to make.

So why do we allow others the power to get under our skin?

Could it be insecurity?

What is it you're trying to convince others of?

What are you trying to convince yourself of?

When we allow ourselves to be offended, we rob ourselves of our vital life force. The truth is nobody can harm our true self with words, actions, or by other means. It is only our self-image that is vulnerable to attack. The reason why the self-image is so vulnerable is because it is illusory. Now, if you've been studying the occult for some time, chances are this is not the first time you've received this sort of teaching, and you already know this. But still, you might find that people still manage to cause you to lose control over your emotions from time to time.

Unfortunately, understanding the concept of the true self vs. false ego is not enough. But, that's just the first step of the process. To achieve self-mastery requires you to FEEL this and go about your day-to-day life from the position of your true self. Achieving this level of self-mastery on your own can take a lifetime of training, and the reality is that most people fail ever to accomplish this. Fortunately, like with many of life's other struggles, Demonic Magick can assist you in progressing much quicker.

Through the Demon Ba'al, one can become the best version of themselves by becoming emotionally indestructible. The easiest method would be to invoke Ba'al with his invocation necklace. Alternatively, you can petition Ba'al through the evocation method in Introduction to Demonic Magick (Note: we highly recommend having his pendant for evocations) and ask for guidance in realigning you with your true self to free you from the bondage of ego.

Article written by Rin Otori


Thank your Professor for this article. I am in the process of finding my true self and strength again! Today I entered into invocation with Ba’al and can already feel the difference. He is a strong and beautiful source of strength and courage.

Jennifer Bowers January 12, 2024

This article was an inspiring read. I have been a lot of thoughts in becoming my Higher Self. There has been a lot that has come to my realization. Thank you Professor!
Praise and Honor to Ba’al!

Clarissa Santiago June 08, 2022

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