Demonic Oracle Boards

In honor of the upcoming Demonic Oracle boards, I've written this post to address important concerns relating to divination, scrying, and communicating with Demons in general. First, if you haven't already, you must recondition your mind to accept that matter and energy exist beyond what we can perceive with our limited senses. There are many forms of matter and energy other than what we encounter directly through the physical realm. To operate through life concerned with physical matter only is a bad habit and gives a false outlook upon existence. Just because you've yet to physically hear or see a Demon when practicing your Magick does not mean the connection you are making and your rituals' results are any less real or significant.

As you continue to ascend on this path, you will begin to directly experience various forms of matter and energy related to the mental plane and spiritual plane. Until then, you will need to understand these truths. This will require faith in the meantime as you continue to develop your abilities to perceive directly. You also will now soon have the option of using the Demonic Oracle board as a tool to make safe and direct contact with Demons in a way that can be perceived by the physical senses.

This is an excellent way to get first-hand experience and see for yourself how reality experienced on the physical plane impacts higher planes of existence and vice versa. When something manifests in the mental realm, physical reality eventually follows and changes accordingly. The spiritual realm is the primary constant, containing the underlying essence behind the physical and mental. It is the validity of the collective whole of existence. This is a critical point to understand. Those who lack grounding, fall prey to false mental realizations which are not realities, but delusions. They are nothing more than inadequate or inaccurate thought-forms, which form the root of all that is negative and evil.
It is upon such considerations as these that the whole structure of Demonic Magick and the Demonic Oracle board rests. We perform rituals and use tools to bridge the gap between planes and create a connection to the Demons responsible for all Magickal manifestations.

It is in the field of the mental realm that the Occultist or Magician is most susceptible to psychic manipulation. This is a major disadvantage of traditional Ouija boards and scrying methods. Whoever contacts the spiritual world, whether through organic psychic abilities or by employing the use of tools, needs a system of classification and discrimination to ensure safe and appropriate contact. Going forward without the previously mentioned puts the practitioner in serious risk of being harmed or misled by malicious entities. Unlike the Demonic Oracle board, traditional Ouija boards create a 100% open channel, allowing any being that has taken notice into the user's home. This could be a spirit of the departed, a lower Demon, an elemental, or even succubi. Traditional Ouija boards also condition the user to give up control of his physical vessel, allowing the contacted entity to move his/her hand across the board to form a message.

This is the equivalent of leaving a wide-open door for all kinds of entities to not only come into your home but also take control of your body. Again, the Demonic Oracle boards have been designed with stringent specifications to ensure only safe and reliable contact is made with Demons of the Royal Legion. No lower Demons, Succubi, or harmful spirits will be able to access the channel created by this board. We're incredibly excited to announce the official release soon and know this will be an absolute life-changing breakthrough for you on this Luciferian path.

- Rin Otori

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