The Law of Correspondence

For the most simple explanation, this ancient saying sums it up quite well:

"As Above, so below; as below, so above. As within, so without; as without, so within. 

This is a very poetic way of explaining the truth that there is a correlation between the Law of Correspondence and the phenomena of various planes of existence. 

Reflected here is also the Arcane principle, "From One, Know All." Genuinely comprehending the patterns and rules of the known, is the key to understanding the unknown. After all, all planes of existence abide by these same occult principles. 

The Law of Correspondence is one of the most important universal laws

— not only for magick, but for unlocking the secrets of life in general. Our reality is a mirror of what is going on inside us. O course, the opposite applies as well. What's going on inside us, corresponds with our external circumstances. Our present state or situations in life are a direct result of our single most dominant thought. 
To understand why this is so, we must study the Three Great Planes of existence. 

The Three Great Planes are the physical plane, mental plane, and spiritual plane. 

If you've read occult literature in the past, you've probably come across the term "plane" mentioned without any further explanation.

The best way to describe a 'plane' in this context would be a dimension.

This particular dimension is based on vibration and is what we know as the 4th dimension. It is the standard used in determining these different planes of existence. 

Modern science understands everything is in continuous motion. Nothing is ever truly at rest. Everything in existence is continually vibrating. The appearance of objects not in motion is merely an illusion because our eyes are unable to pick up such lower-level vibrations. Everything is in continuous vibration. The higher the rate of vibration, the higher the plane, the higher the manifestation of life occupying that plane. 

The Three Great Planes are not literal divisions of the universe. Occultists describe these planes merely to aid in thought and study of the various degrees of life, activity, and existence. In reality, things are far more complicated. Each of the Three Great Planes can technically be broken down into Seven Minor Planes. And, each  minor plane can be broken down further into seven sub-planes as well. 

But there is really no need to go this far to extract the full practical benefits of the Law of Correspondence. Each of these minor and sub planes bleeds into each other, so no actual hard lines are separating them. 


Let's come back to how the Law of Correspondence applies to Demonic Magick.

Every experience in our physical life affects our mental makeup and vibrational frequency. This electromagnetic energy has the power to attract external circumstances corresponding to the same vibratory rate. 
In other words, events in your life that equal pleasurable experience will tend to attract future developments of the same harmony. Likewise, painful experiences will send you into a negative vibratory rate, which leads to more negative experiences. It's easy to see how one adverse event can set off a chain of multiple bad situations by getting caught up in this endless loop of negativity. 

A deep understanding of this principle allows you to fine-tune your Demonic Magick for better results.

Let's pretend you want to start a career as a professional artist or graphic designer, but can't seem to make it happen; despite using magick to accomplish this. You've been taking action and doing all the right things but still can't get the break you're looking for to kick things off.  

I'm sure you'd agree this is a common scenario for most people chasing goals. Often, people fail not because of a lack of effort or talent, but because the real barrier to success is on a higher plane than the physical. 

In any situation like this, the problem does not exist on the physical plane. We have to look at our mental state. Chances are, the artist started with fear, doubt, and pessimism. If not from the very beginning, soon after starting. The majority of people fall into this same trap when trying to accomplish something. The trap is doubt, lack of confidence, and not being fully invested in that desired reality. 

While understandable, success requires tuning your vibratory rate to match a desired outcome. Like the alchemist, we must transmute the lead into gold. Lead is not limited to physical matter; it has qualities on the mental plane as well. Financial loss, disappointments, delays, obstacles, and restrictions are all associated with lead. By doing this, you will attract the necessary chain of events to manifest that reality. As you might have already guessed, lead has the lowest vibratory rate of all metals not only on the physical plane but on the mental plane as well. 

So what can be done besides attempting to force Joe into the vibrational state of success before it has occurred in our physical reality? Strategically use magick to make success practically guaranteed. Let's reverse engineer what it would take to make it as a successful graphic designer.

The first thing we know is we need to have enough confidence to get us where we want to be. Let's start with that. The graphic designer could petition the demon Paimon to help clear doubt and fear, which will build the confidence and positive energy necessary to handle the challenges ahead. 

Next, this person will need to make sure his work is good enough against all competitors; ideally surpassing them. For this, we can petition Vapula to enhance professional skills in order to master our craft quickly.

After applying demonic magick strategically, Joe now has renewed confidence and the skills to back it up. Since he has significantly improved his graphic design skills, he is eager to get his first client and knock it out of the park. This is the high vibrational frequency, which will attract success. He'll find that the targeted goal is now much closer and more natural to hit.

It's time to petition Bime to help us attract some clients. Once we've got our foot in the door and entered potential negotiations, we can work with Ose to help ensure we close the sale. 

Finally, once Joe has landed a few successful paid projects and have some real work experience under our belt. Joe can start working with Mammon to scale things up and turn this into a real business for himself. This time the proper foundation was established to give the magick a clear path to pass through.

Rather than just doing a spell to manifest a successful business, we reversed engineered the entire process. Afterward, we applied magick strategically to put the proper building blocks in place to make it happen.

Now you are beginning to understand the logistics behind magick and how it relates to the law of correspondence. We began by addressing our situation on the spiritual plane by doing demonic magic. This action helped influence things on the mental plane, which raised our vibration enough so that a pathway to success was finally within our reach. The magic was the spark at the spiritual plane, which reignited our drive for success. Realty on the physical plane began to shift as a result of our changes on the higher planes. As success began to manifest on the physical plane, this reinforced our higher vibration. Once all three planes were in harmony, success began to follow.

Our outer surroundings adjusted itself to correspond with our inner plane.

That is how the magician and witch operate and the reason behind the saying "as above so below." 

- RIn Otori

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