Elubatel - Wealth Demon or Wrathful Angel?

There are very few Demons as misunderstood as Elubatel. Over the years, he has earned himself a reputation for bringing incredible financial breakthroughs for those who call upon him. However, many are also afraid of Elubatel because of false rumors surrounding him. Along with his reputation of being extremely powerful and effective with finances, he is also known to be extremely harsh and challenging to endure. When someone makes it known they are considering working with Elubatel, they are told to prepare to be raked through the coals before receiving a major financial overhaul. Several reports of extreme depression, anxiety, bad luck, and even suicidal thoughts are tied to working with Elubatel.

This is highly ironic because Elubatel is used in many Wealth rituals of The Order with great success but none of the side effects others have reported. After researching the matter, it was discovered that other Magickal groups and traditions have been instructing their students to call upon him as an Angel. Suddenly, all the controversy surrounding Elubatel made sense.

Elubatel is, in fact, a Demon—not an Angel. Naturally, Demonic Magick's practice is drastically different from Angelic Magick, and calling upon Elubatel in an Angelic manner will evoke a hostile response from him. The fact that he is even willing to grant any financial results still when called incorrectly is a true testament to his kindness.

All the negative side-effects associated with working with Elubatel are merely his way of attempting to correct those who mistaken him for an Angel. With that said, there should be no fear of working with this Demon if done correctly. If you would like to begin working with Elubatel, a great way to start is to connect with him through his pendant. You may also want to check out Wealth Magick Mastery. This book will teach you to correct way to petition Elubatel so that you can receive financial gains without the brutal side-effects others have experienced.


Thanks for your post. But I’d like to know the origins of your knowledge on Elubatel. Thanks!

Charles January 26, 2024

please how can I pray to Elubatel

please how can I pray to Elubatel July 21, 2023

I always wondered what the random arrow circle designs I draw mean. I wonder if I summoning Desmond

Steve August 23, 2022

Thank you for this post. It’s a wealth of information.

Sophie July 21, 2021

What a wonderful and insightful post. It all makes sicine. I have only heard good things but I do not work with angels

Won. June 24, 2021

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