Choronzon - The Goddess of the Abyss

Choronzon is known by three primary rotations or what appears to be three personalities in one. There are more. However, the main three are all anyone will ever encounter. During her changes in rotation, the term Babylon is shouted. This is perhaps one of the main reasons the occultist Aleister Crowley and other Thelemic sources mistakingly consider this to be the true name of Choronzon. However, this is entirely false. When Choronzon changes, she appears different physically, emotionally, and mentally. She also identifies as a new name for each rotation, which is kept in utmost secrecy and known only to her and her Ourobouros. Choronzon encounters most with her outer rotations and advances in all ways as she moves her rotations inward. 


Choronzon has three major aspects:


  1. Naamah
  2. Nyx
  3. Seven


These are the three demonic forms most people will encounter. Choronzon has the ability to be omnipresent, which technically allows all three aspects to be active simultaneously. This allows each one to carry out their duties and petitions independently of one another. 


Naamah is a dormant aspect and not currently active in this rotation. 


The aspect of Seven or “The Seventh” occupies the position of the 7th Prince of Lucifer’s royal legion. Seven cycled through the human incarnation as Eve, as well as several different human incarnations throughout history. 


Nyx is a Demon of the Intermediary Legion. Her human incarnation was that of a high priestess in Greece. After death, she became known as a Goddess in Greek mythology. Like Nyx, it should be noted that many Greek Gods/Goddesses are Demons found in the Intermediary legion. 


Choronzon is the term used for when all three distinct aspects have merged into one individual deity. This is a unique phenomenon, where all three aspects have essentially fused into a unique individual while still maintaining all three separate egos and the ability to disperse them individually once again. 

The Meaning Behind Choronzon 333

As Choronzon, this deity is associated with the number 333 and is the true embodiment of the nature of triplicity. This is something that many mistakingly attribute to Hecate in some Magick traditions, seeing her as a triple-headed Goddess consisting of three female aspects known as the Maid, Maiden, and Chron. As a full Choronzon, she is known as the Dweller in the Abyss. The Abyss is its own unique realm, outside of both Heaven and Hell, where she resides. Choronzon possesses many unique abilities. Including, but not limited to, mastery of transmutation, the accumulation of wealth, and the art of war. As such, Choronzon is more than capable of aiding the Demonic Magick practitioner in virtually any area of life. 


For Demonic Magick practitioners, it is customary to provide offerings during a petition and other times as purely a show of gratitude. For Choronzon, it is essential to know that she does not accept sexual offerings. Attempting to offer anything of a sexual nature is considered extremely offensive to her. Recommended offerings include blood, Choronzon pendants, Isaac Bowman Bourbon, other premium whiskeys, flowers, and public proclamation. 


Choronzon is truly one of a kind, with such a complex nature beyond anything relatable to human existence. This article barely scratches the surface of all there is to know about Choronzon. Until now, there has yet to be any accurate literature published elsewhere on the subject. Fortunately, The Order will soon be releasing The Book of Choronzon. This genuinely historical publication will take the reader through the many complex layers of Choronzon and her unique place in the divine cosmos. 


Because of the incredible guidance and generosity of Rin and Ashley my life has changed in many waus, but my path began with Choronzon as my very second invocation as a whole. Since then I’ve reworked my mind and body with extraordinary Naamah, invoked, adventured, fell in love, and found love with Tyche, and now know and cherish Tiamat (tbt I don’t even have suitable words for my time with Tiamat .). I am just beginning my work with Nyx and the Seventh (totally feels backward way of doing things but it’s worked out.).
I supposed I’m here adding my voice to the chorus because I too have had my life changed by this incredible powerhouse. My love and loyalty will remain with Choronzon in and out of time. And if you’ve made it to my review and are still on the fence about working with her understand to do so is to see your life transformed beyond compare. This path is all the more beautiful because she can be found leading and guiding others on it. Please do yourself a favor and add your name to the list of the many.
Its such an honor and a gift to never be the same.

V. Persona October 07, 2023

Ayahuasca took me through a wrenching ordeal of paths, to a place where I found myself floating in a golden orb of light, in a place where all darkness originates, and where this being, a great black beautiful and terrible serpent exists, and we took stock of one another, looking one another in the eye. At once, Kundalini, known to many as Binah, activated like an unstoppable river of power beneath me, running up through my astral body, merging with the light above my head, known to many as Chokma, and all time and space ceased to exist, and all the world was broken, and I saw that I was alive and back in the body I am familiar with, and back on planet earth. There was and is no death, there was and is no life, there is no change into something more than both, but there is something else, so much greater than these ideas, the truth. One does not grasp the truth, it grasps you by freeing you. Nothing changes. Everything changes. I wasn’t ready. I didn’t ask for it. I wasn’t thinking of anything of the sort, nor was it my intention by any means. So, beware journeying on psychedelics, since you have no idea where the spirit will take you. For it might even take you to the very face of Choronzon. The very depth of fear, that place where fear can become no greater, it loses power in expression and experience. Greater is the threat of fear than fear itself in the end. The fear is a reflection of our power and what we would do with it. We recoil in horror at seeing the amplification of our inner corruption. Power cannot be given to corrupt people, else they destroy all in service of their ego and gratification of their desires. You have no power because you deny it to yourself owing to your own inner corruption. This you hide from yourself to avoid the sickening fear and loathing that comes from runaway unlimited power. Those without a conscience have not the faculty for connecting to it, forever cutoff from it by choice. A little gift of knowledge from the realm of what is known by many as Da’ath. Remember, no power in the universe can stop the CCC, it is the universe. The supreme divine power is immediately unleashed when truly needed, and when it poses no threat to that which is the supreme will. The bonds of constraint are instantly released and the power floods into reality bending all to its will without question or delay. Consider then the power of conscience, the dweller on the threshold.

GemShimClayPool7381 August 20, 2023

Wonderful article. I am beyond excited for Ashley’s new book to be released so I can learn more. Thank you so much, Professors Rin and Ashley! ♥

Sondra March 24, 2023

Public Proclamation to or Mother Choronzon!
She’s so amazing I love to invoke with her went am not invoke with I missed her so much 🖤

Praise and Honor to Choronzon!

I want you on my life until ended I love you 🖤

Rosa Nunez February 16, 2023

Praise, Honor and Love to Choronzon!! I highly recommend her invocation necklace the Circle of Transmutation!! I will definitely be working with her on a regular basis. I love you Choronzon ♥️♥️♥️

Rheanna DeLong November 29, 2022

Hail Choronzon!!

Brie September 21, 2022

Praise choronzon!

Ronald Nock August 03, 2022

Choronzon is one of a kind. She has truly protected me beyond means I can even explain. I love her.

Erik July 02, 2022

I love Choronzon so much, she was my first invocation and she is something truly special! I adore her

Megan May 20, 2022

Hail choronzon!

Ronald Nock January 01, 2022

Choronzon is amazing. To know her is to love her. I love invocation with her, her energy is like nothing you have ever experienced before. I am very much looking forward to the release of the new book.

Candilee December 29, 2021

Choronzon has helped me so much since I had the privilege of working with her. I have been going through a very trialing year, and she has given me the strength to carry on. I’ve normally got her pendant on, and I feel a loving connection when I reach out to her. I love her beyond words.
I can’t wait to learn more about this beautiful Demon.

Teresa November 05, 2021

Fantastic information! I need wealth and love from a POI. Wondering if she is the one I should work with.

Sarah September 13, 2021

I absolutely cannot wait to learn more about this wonderful and divinely beautiful being! I love her so much!

Tamara Loertscher August 10, 2021
I am looking forward to the upcoming release and learning more about Choronzon. She is phenomenal!
Bea July 05, 2021

Choronzon is TRULY one of a kind. Elated to hear an actual account of her will be published soon. Fondly looking forward to it🌟

Z Hilton June 30, 2021

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