Forcalor — Demon of Justice

Have you been terribly wronged and seek justice? If so, Forcalor is the Demon to get the job done. However, while the classic Goetia depicts him as a ruthless killer, in actuality, Forcalor is very averse to inflicting harm without any justifiable reason.

In other words, yes, Forcalor is an expert at carrying out some of the most vicious acts of Magick, a perfectly skilled assassin. Still, he has no interest in unnecessary bloodshed. Assuming you are not an overly violent person and have a decent moral compass when it is appropriate to call on Forcalor will be pretty straightforward.

Suppose you have an irritating co-worker you wish to get rid of. In that case, Forcalor is probably not the appropriate Demon to call.

Conversely, let's say someone legitimately hurt you or a loved one. Or perhaps you have not necessarily been hurt, but someone genuinely wants to sabotage your life in a significant way. Forcalor will be more than willing to lend a hand. He's a fierce protector and is passionate about defending the weak and those in need.

If you are fortunate enough to have him as your Patron, you'll have the luxury of knowing he always has your back and is keeping an eye out for you.

Although complete destruction and termination of enemies are what he is often called on for, sometimes it is most appropriate to hurt someone financially rather than physically. A lesser-known specialty of Forcalor is his ability to curse businesses to fail. This can be done either through drying up the customer pool or as dramatic as the entire establishment burn down to the ground.

While clearly an expert at doling out Magickal attacks, Forcalor is also highly effective for reversing curses. If you suspect you have been hexed, you can petition Forcalor to help remove it.

During Full Evocation, Forcalor is known to appear in human form as an incredibly tall man, approximately 8 feet tall. He has a large muscular frame with long wavy brown hair.

In Demonic rituals, it is customary to provide an offering to the Demon you wish to petition. For Forcalor, this can be done in the form of wearing his sigil pendant or through blood offerings. He is also known to accept sexual offerings from women. Other types of offerings known to be well received include Rice Krispies, Slim Jims, Kit-Kats, alcohol (Southern Comfort is a favorite), public proclamation, and pineapple.

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