Sallos - Demon of Genuine Love

Are you tired of working love Magick that only results in quick flings and disappointments? If you are done with casual dating and seek something serious, Sallos is the Demon you want. Not only is he able to set you up with a long-term committed partner, but he will also set you up with your soulmate if they are available. Although everyone does have a soulmate, unfortunately, they might no longer be alive or are already with someone. If this is the case, Sallos can still help you find a genuine love connection.

Perhaps you are already in a relationship, but it is currently lacking passion or sexual chemistry. Sallos can help reignite the flame that brought you two together in the first place and make it burn more intensely than ever before. Beyond relationship work, Sallos is also a very compelling choice for Glamour Magick. This is one of his specialties that is often overlooked. He is capable of creating incredible changes in one’s physical appearance in a way that will make one far more attractive to others in general.

During Full Evocation, Sallos appears as a male Demon around 6.5 - 7 ft in height. He has black hair, light brown skin, and brown eyes. His physique is known to be rather bulky with a round face. Sallos is also known to have huge hands and feet.

It is customary in Demonic Magick to provide an offering when petitioning a Demon to grant a request. Blood and wearing his pendant are preferred offerings. In addition, he also accepts and appreciates personal drawings, chocolate, green tea, rice cakes, and handmade items.

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