Leviathan - Gatekeeper of Hell

One of the 7 Princes and the Gatekeeper of Hell, Leviathan, is the 3rd highest ranking Demon.

But yet, one of the Demons much less talked about. Mainly, this is because he does not appear as one of the 72 Demons of the Goetia.  But make no mistake, he has a vital role as Hell's Ambassador and Protector.

Protector of Hell?

You might be wondering why Hell would need a Gatekeeper and Protector. Surely no one would be trying to force their way into Hell right? Well, that is a bit more complicated and will be covered in more detail in future publications by The Order, but for now, we can just say that Leviathan deals with Angels.

Things are going on behind the scenes, and a lot of the reasons why things work the way they do is because there are boundaries that aren't to be crossed. And so, when there's any kind of issues with angels, Leviathan is the spokesperson. You might just consider him the official Ambassador of Hell.

 In fact, he's usually at work in Rome dealing directly with the Vatican.

 If you are currently a practitioner of Angelic Magick and are unsure about working with demons, Leviathan would be a great demon to start off with. Being that he is a connectional demon in contact with Angels on a regular basis, he is perfect for getting an introduction into Demonic Magick.

Gatekeeper, Protector, and Ambassador of Hell.

This demon clearly wears many essential hats and is quite busy! When you consider what he already has on his plate, it's only logical why he isn't one of the 72 Demons commonly petitioned! Historically, he has not had much interest in dealing with humans and their petitions.  Only recently has he become more open to it and being more interactive. We are honored to finally have the opportunity to share never-before-revealed information about this demon.

 A lover of Latin, this is primarily what he chooses to speak in. He is a huge man, somewhere between 7 and 8 ft tall, with blonde hair and honey-colored eyes. In the bible, you will find references to him as a sea monster. The fact of the matter is demons can appear as they please, and while it is possible he may have emerged as a Sea Monster during biblical times for whatever reason, this is not his regular appearance. Demons choose to maintain and present themselves in human form.

 Working with Leviathan

The ideal situation for working with Leviathan would be to have him as a Patron or Guardian Demon. As a Prince of Hell, he is capable of everything and not limited to a narrow range of specialties. However, having Leviathan as a Patron demon is extremely rare especially since he has just recently decided to become more interactive and involved with humans.

So what would be an ideal situation to call on Leviathan for help?

Mainly for protection or in situations where a very drastic change is needed in your life. Perhaps your child is getting bullied at school, and you do not know where to turn for help. Or maybe, you are in an abusive relationship without a way out in sight. The idea is to call on him when the stakes are high, and you need massive change to happen on a grand scale.

Leviathan can also be great for building massive wealth or creating a significant financial shift in your life. He doesn't like to be asked for money or favors all the time, so this is not the demon to call if you are short on cash for your cell phone bill for the month!

But if you are desperate, in need of drastic change, and are willing to work through the change, then he would definitely be a demon you can call.

Leviathan is incredible at clearing out spaces. If you sense bad energy in your home or feel like your place of residence is haunted he's the demon to call.

In regards to offerings, he happens to be very fond of vintage keys, old books, and of course his Leviathan sigil pendant

Many people are surprised to learn that demons have very distinct personalities just like humans.

In the case of Leviathan, he is actually very lighthearted when not dealing with serious matters. He does like to joke quite often and is known to poke fun—although he does not necessarily want to be joked back with!

 So… if you'd like to get along well with Leviathan, it is helpful not to take yourself too seriously and roll with it!

Don't worry, he is not mean-spirited whatsoever. 

He is a very kind and generous person. Even if he is not your Patron demon, you would be fortunate to have him as a friend.

It's a tremendous honor to be able to talk to him. If you do make contact with this high demon, always remember to maintain respect.



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