The Light Bearer's Call Ritual of Lucifer

When people join our Luciferian community, one of the first things they ask is what’s the best way to get started. Definitely begin with The Light Bearer’s Call Ritual. This ritual will serve as your formal introduction to Lucifer. Even if you’ve worked with demons in the past, The Order strongly recommends performing this ritual.

This is the most direct way to make contact with Lucifer, and it will determine your trajectory on the left-hand path going forward.  You are contacting Lucifer to ask him to take you under his wing and open your life up to dark magick. Every single demon is under Lucifer’s family tree.  You might think of this as sort of a formality. If you want to start getting involved with the family, it only makes sense to pay respects to the Father.

To perform this ritual, you’ll want The Order’s book, Introduction to Demonic Magick. Have it out somewhere you can easily reference and turn to page 62. You’ll also need 3 black candles and Lucifer’s pendant from the order. The best thing to do is get this all set up ahead of time right before you are ready to perform this ritual. Once everything is all set, go take a shower. It’s essential to consider the shower as part of the ritual itself. This isn’t a quick rinse.  Make sure you are mindfully cleansing your body thoroughly.

You are to perform this ritual naked, so no need to get dressed. Go from the shower, immediately to your ritual space. This is a solitary ritual, so you must be completely alone. Light your 3 black candles, and make sure your book is somewhere you can easily access.

Do not rush through this. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and spend some time in meditation. I don’t like to meditate for less than 15 to 20 minutes but if you are not used to meditating, and this is too much for you, just end the meditation whenever you are ready, stand up, pick up the book, and recite the Latin spell in front of you:

Ut patet viam meam,
Dimitto ceteris,
Aperi tu cor meum ut Lucifer,
Audite quaeso meae voca,
Ego offerre mea erga,
Obsecro incipere.

Next, you’ll scan the last line of demonic code from right to left.

A common question asked is what is meant by “scanning.” Basically, this means resting your eyes on each individual shape momentarily, to notice its form, but without any prolonged staring. You’re not trying to read or decipher any particular meaning from them. Just see the shape and move on to the next one.

This is to be done only one time. It's easy to get caught up over thinking this and wondering if you scanned it enough or not and feel tempted to do it again. Just don’t.

Once you have done this, you have officially gotten Lucifer’s attention. Do not expect a full evocation or any specific signs of his presence. Just know he is there listening.

It’s now time to speak. My best advice would be to act as if Lucifer is standing right in front of you because he hears and sees you that clearly. Lucifer just does not appear before anyone who calls upon him. Even people who have full evocations regularly may never see him. One primary reason why is because his presence is merely overwhelming; which would inhibit your ability to communicate clearly.

Depending on how developed your senses are, you might just “feel” something and know you’ve made contact. But most people will not; so do not wait for any signs, sounds, or clues. Speak from the heart, tell him about what has brought you to him. Tell him about your struggles, pain, and any hardships that have led you down this path. Let him know what would make you feel fulfilled and what you’d like to accomplish. Speak to him as if he was your father because he is the light of this world here to guide you. He is why you were born with free will. Please take a moment and really let that sink in. He IS the light bearer. A lot of people have heard him called this, but very few really know what this actually means. It’s something much deeper than the kind of light that appears when you flip the switch in a dark room.

The best way I can think to explain it would be to compare it to being born blind and having to spend your life struggling to find your way in the dark only because you did not know you could open your eyes. The light was always there, you just never knew how to open your eyes. Not only that, you never even knew you were in the dark, to begin with because you had never yet seen the light.  Darkness is all you knew. Color, shades, tones, and so many other things would be entirely incomprehensible for you would have no way even to imagine them without some frame of reference.

Most people are in the dark and have never even seen true light. Instead of their eyes, it’s their mind that is blind. You have free will. You have choices. You can drive your own vehicle and go wherever you want to go on this journey instead of being locked inside the tour bus. You are not bound to circumstances. Life does not have to be accepted as just “ the way it is.” You are only limited by the strength of your will.

Once you’ve finished speaking, close your eyes and sit in front of your candles in silence. You’ll know when it is time to get up. And once you do, it is done.


i said the prayer and asked lucifer to help me ride myself of a deep depression and when i was done i felt much better thank you lord lucifer for healing me

robert ambrosini January 23, 2023

I just did this ritual and I am now set on working with lord Lucifer. I was just in a deep depression for 2 days now(I have major depressive disorder) and after I performed this ritual I literally felt peace and relief. As soon as I completed it I was out of my depression and did some self care activities. I felt like everything in my life was going to be ok. Lucifer had very gentle and reassuring energy. I plan on getting his pendant/amulet. And just to let others know so they don’t stress about having everything, I did this ritual with 3 white candles cause I didn’t have any black candles and my divination told me any candles were fine. I would recommend this ritual to anybody as it is very simple and especially to those have a hard time in life or in need of emotional support.

C.S. November 21, 2022

I’m new to this but that just made me cry for tye first time in a long time truly grateful for my free will and this information is wonderful thank you

Jason Hawkins August 06, 2022


Aaron Egoh July 23, 2022

I don’t know how to say this Ut patet viam meam,
Dimitto ceteris,
Aperi tu cor meum ut Lucifer,
Audite quaeso meae voca,
Ego offerre mea erga,
Obsecro incipere

Lucy April 02, 2022

Is that Latin? How do I hear proper vocalization?

Chris Tower March 06, 2022

Thank you lucifer tha God 999 and lilith and legion Omen

Gregory Edmonds August 30, 2021

I just want to thank you for helping me find a way to speak to the morning star I’ve always been silently speaking and telling Lucifer my loyalty to him hoping he would hear me now I know he is and there is a way to

Jeffery Allen Stout June 30, 2021

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