Lucifer and Man's Apotheosis

What is an identity? It is substance of thought projected by the ego.

With this in mind, we can conclude that identity is not what makes a person. It is merely ego.

A robot is not a person even though it has an identity, because it is not self conscious. It has no soul.

We already know a person is not a person because of their body. A person is not a person because of their identity. A person is not a person because of their ego.
What is left that could make a person a person? We are left only with the soul.

For a person to be a person, it must have a soul. Which is the unique expression of divine energy which sparks the phenomena of self-conscious awareness.
When man was created, God had the choice to enlighten man, destroy him, or force mankind to remain in a state of ignorance. He chose not to destroy humans out of vanity, because he wanted to stand above man and be worshipped.

He ultimately chose the latter because he viewed mankind as a threat. God feared man’s apotheosis—his highest potential point of development.

It is for this reason that God is an enemy to Lucifer, the Bearer of Light, as well as mankind. Lucifer chose to fight with God out of love for Humans. He understood that one candle looses nothing when its flame is used to light another. The result is just even more light.

- Rin Otori

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