Demons versus Angels

What is claimed by Christian authorities about Demons does not derive from the study of the original Hebrew and Greek texts. What is known or thought to be known about these divine entities is filtered and fabricated by church tradition.

Let us take the term 'Demon' for example, derived from the Greek word daimōn, which means a "supernatural being." Though it is now used as a general term for a malevolent or evil spirit, the word originally was used for a spiritual being that influenced a person's character. So does that make Demons enemies of God? You can judge for yourself. But the more important question is if, in fact, Demons are enemies of God, does that make them inherently evil?

Ultimately, this depends on whether or not you believe God and Angels genuinely look out for you. As Luciferians, we believe they certainly do not and choose to support Demons and Lucifer. We believe it is the Demonic side that truly has our best interests at heart.  Know that before the establishment of Christianity, some of the most revered minds of history sought the aid of Demons, paid tribute to them, and accepted their guidance. Socrates, for example, spoke of his Daimōn as a spirit that inspired him to seek and speak the truth. To better understand the nature of Demons, it may also be helpful to understand what Angels are in contrast. Both are known as' supernatural beings,' so what exactly is the nature of the distinction between the two? The term 'Angel' is derived from the Greek word 'Angelos.' This is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew word for mal'akh, meaning "messenger."

There is much significance here. Angels are essentially literally messengers and workers of God. The distinction between Angels and Demons is based on designated positions within the cosmic hierarchy, not implications of their essence or nature. In other words, it isn't as simple as Angels are good, and Demons are evil like the Christian mainstream would have you believe. Whatever essence or nature they possess is in direct relationship to their source. In the case of Angels, their source comes from the Christian God Elohim. For Demons, their source is Elohim's equivalent on the Demonic side, which is Lucifer.

Furthermore, Demons are linked to many of the Pagan Gods found across different cultures and religions worldwide. The most obvious being some of the well-known Gods of Roman, Greek, Egyptian, and Hindu traditions. You may have heard of the Greek God Hermes. Well, Hermes is considered the Egyptian God Thoth. And Thoth is known as a Royal Demon in the Luciferian tradition.

So you see, humans have adopted several different spiritual paradigms in an attempt to categorize the multitude of divine entities they've come in contact with throughout thousands of years. They have always been Demons but merely appeared in a manner that resonated with the society's culture and period.

- Rin Otori 


The analogy used in the article is spot on. Keep up the good work.

newton m January 26, 2024

Excellent article. I learned so much from it. Thank you!

Sondra April 03, 2023

I love this article so much! Once you work with Father Lucifer and Legions of Demons. You will experience true unconditional love. And you experience how high their moral code is! And how honorable they are. I just love my one and only True God Father Lucifer so much!

Tommy Le October 25, 2022

Hi Rin,

From what I learnt, Lucifer used to be an angel too, but he was also Elohim’s brother. Does that make Elohim an angel too?


Min December 06, 2021

Is this book available

Eleonora September 21, 2021

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