Luciferian Numerology — The Creative Principle of Zero

Numbers demonstrate universal truths.

Numbers are perfect signs used to demonstrate fundamental ideas. The trained occultist can reunite these ideas to numbers and arrive at truth through pure mathematics. In fact, it is through numbers that we can understand creation and the origin of existence.

There is a direct demonstration mirroring the creation of man and the universe. The fertilized egg is unity. It also represents a perfect demonstration of the all, the universe, or “God.” Everything in existence has a polarity, including the fertilized egg. There is always a positive and negative portion.

This we know because it is one of the seven hermetic principles. Or, as I like to call it, The 7 Laws of Occultism. In the microcosm of the human body, the first split of the cell constitutes duality. Within the Macrocosm, we have God, splitting itself, which created Lucifer and Elohim.

Elohim and Lucifer being the original polarity. The number zero is a symbolic demonstration of the absolute. Infinite possibilities. That one reality which is before all beginnings. This is beyond our limitations as human beings to know directly. Although through training, we can catch glimpses of it.

We cannot prove its existence, but we know without a shred of doubt that it does. All logic and reasoning point to its existence. It is the source, the origin, where all things stem from. This is why the number zero corresponds to the creative nature of Deity.

- Rin Otori 


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