Luciferian Numerology - Part 2 - Numeric Symbols 1-3

Numbers represent universal truths of nature, and the numbers 0-9, in particular, represent life’s self-expression. This applies on both a grand scale as well as personal unfoldment.

Why does this all matter?

Understanding the Esoteric meaning behind numbers prepares your mind to understand principles and laws related to Demonic Magick and Ascension. Mastering these principles will aid you in mastery over the self and one’s environment.

Order is the key to overcoming Chaos, and you will find the order of numbers mirrors the order prevailing throughout creation. It is no coincidence that the Creator has ordered all things within our world by number, measure, and weight. The properties of numbers are found in all of existence. It is of the few, if not the only things in the universe, which is not relative. In other words, numbers represent the truth in the purest and raw form.

Zero is the power that precedes everything.

Because it has no quantity, quality, or mass, it is free of all limitations and restrictions. It is Infinite—the Cosmic Egg. Since Zero represents the preceding of creation, number One represents the beginning of all things. The creative force of will, which we all possess. This same creative force is represented by the Magician Tarot card, corresponding with the Number One.

One is an expression of unlimited potentiality as well as self-conscious awareness.

It is the principle of Individuality, Focus, and Self-Consciousness. Number Two is the principle of Polarity and Duality. It expresses itself through acts of repetition and duplication. Again, the origin of this being the polar split between the Christian god Elohim and Lucifer. In the Macrocosm, it manifests as night and day, the sun and moon. Positive and Negative. Attraction and Repulsion. In the Microcosm, every inhalation and exhalation of the breaths we take. Gender. Male and female, love and hate. All forms of life possess a trinity, substance, energy, and intelligence.

Number Three is the principle of Multiplication—and an act of generation.

This is why Number Three is so significant to Choronzon. Internally, this manifests as the mental activity caused by self-conscious impulse and the generation of mental images. It is symbolic of the union of opposing forces generating vibration. It is action, change, and amplification.

- Rin Otori 


Thank you Rin for this Treasure of knowledge. I keep reading it over and over again in an attempt to try to truly understand this.
Will there ne more parts for the remaining Numbers 4-9?
Wishing you all the best in the world and again: thank you for your amazing Work ❣️

Isabel November 06, 2022

My life path is 11

clara c duffy September 03, 2021

I have been following my own ideas of luciferianism but have platueaud. in the name of seeking more knowledge I have become an informationj junkie that can be too much for some people as i am eager and want the answers from others to the point of relentnesness. I need to keep more to myself and learn in a more personal way. I wish not to expose information to those who may seek to crusify a believer in Luciferian doctrine. Does that’s make sense ? You see I’m already questioning and weve never even met! please enlighten me with knowledge through books, web sites , contacts etc. I live in Victoria BC if that helps anyone find me my # 250 514 1916 no actors please, this is my life so please respect me and only call if you can be of assistance . Giving out my personal number is meant only for the pursuit of reliabile and creditable knowledge ,not for amusement please and thank you .
NO JEHOVAS witnesses !!

Michael David Demiurgos-Scott September 03, 2021

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