Lucifuge — Demon of HIgh Magick

Would you like to excel in Magick? Or dominate any other field, for that matter? If so, Lucifuge is a Demon you'll want to know. He is the twelfth Demon of the Royal Legion. A true master of his craft, he is recognized by The Order as the head of High Magick. Many of those within our order's highest ranks regularly seek to consult with him. If this is your first hearing of Lucifuge, it's probably because, unlike most Demons, Lucifuge has always been comfortable remaining in the shadows. He does not seek glory, praise, or fame. As a result, some of his most significant accomplishments remain entirely unknown, and other names were given credit by his own choice.

Lucifuge is also not a Demon beginners are advised to start with. This is because he is very selective regarding the people he chooses to work with. Any petitions regarding trivial matters are best left to another Demon. Lucifuge is passionate about Arts, Science, Philosophy, and especially all things related to the Occult. He loves to mentor, and if you can connect with him, he will take a particular interest in your growth and development.

He is highly clairvoyant and telepathic, which allows him to quickly "read" a person's nature and intentions. This is also perhaps why he chooses to remain primarily in solitude and prefers his own company over others. Quite frankly, more of us would probably do the same after seeing how much evil resides in the vast majority of people's minds and hearts, even amongst those who you would never expect. Lucifuge is often petitioned to reveal the true nature of an individual.

Although he does not have a very violent or wrathful nature, another one of his specialties involves the ability to curse just about anyone effectively—a true mastermind of occult warfare! One very unique advantage he possesses is his ability to counteract Angelic magick, making him a critical ally for anyone dealing with those on the Angelic side.

For those interested in forming a pact with a Demon, Lucifuge can be called upon to assist with setting up the agreement. He often appears as a man with blonde hair, a tanned complexion, and red eyes in full evocation. His voice is known to be very deep, and although he is typically very kind, being called on for trivial matters is known to trigger his temper.

If you would like to work with Lucifuge, it is essential to know his favorite offerings. Besides his demonic pendant and offerings of blood, Lucifuge is fond of roses, black olives, whiskey, and black obsidian. Sexual offerings are also acceptable, but only by females.

For those looking for life-changing growth and development and who have the discipline to pursue the Luciferian path with total sincerity, you will find Lucifuge to be an incredible asset in every way.



MD Rain Fulton October 31, 2022

Hail Lucifuge!

Rita Ribot November 28, 2021

All Hail Lucifuge!

Victoria October 15, 2021

Hail lucifuge!

Ronald Nock July 21, 2021

I’m so happy that I have found the order I’ve been so alone in this world now I feel I have found my place

Michelle SMITH July 21, 2021

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