Naberius - Demon of Prestige

We’ve all made mistakes in the past. Sometimes, these mistakes can have severe consequences, causing others to lose faith in us and forever change the dynamics of relationships we hold dear. Fortunately, like with many other issues, Magick can help fix things. For this, you will want to call on the Demon Naberius. Naberius is a Demon specializing in restoring one’s reputation after it has been tarnished. As you can imagine, he is a Demon many celebrities and politicians have on speed dial. He does this by using his powers to influence individuals or groups of people to forgive you after a regretful situation. With that said, although forgiveness is the first step to restoring goodwill, more is needed to put things back as they once were. This is why Naberius takes things a step further and influences these people to see you as trustworthy and restore their faith in you once more.

This alone clearly makes Naberius a Demon nearly everyone could use the help of at some point. However, his abilities extend far beyond reputation management. Those interested in Necromancy will find him an especially valuable Demon to establish a relationship with. Being a psychopomp, which is essentially a guide between this world and the next, he can help communicate with the dead. In addition to this, he is also able to improve one’s skills in divination. One thing in particular worth mentioning about Naberius is how his energy resonates with inspiration. This makes him a favorite amongst artists looking to evoke the creativity and enthusiasm needed to carry out successful art projects.

He appears as an extremely tall man (around 7ft), with blue eyes, blond hair, and a light complexion. He is known to dress in a black suit and a matching black crown. Blood offerings and his pendant are to be expected when petitioning him. In addition to this, he is known to also be fond of sexual offerings, vodka, silver, art, puzzles, and antiques.

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